SocialHRCamp Virtual 2021 1.0 – Maximizing Employee Engagement in a Virtual World

In partnership with Airmeet, we are extremely excited to be launching our first truly Virtual SocialHRCamp. The global COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on both our personal and professional lives. What has not changed is our unwavering desire to learn, push ourselves intellectually, and do great work.

This fully virtual experience on May 19-20 will focus on how to maximize employee engagement in a virtual world. In typical SocialHRCamp fashion, we will run mega and break-out sessions and our speaker group is truly an impressive collection of HR and Recruitment leaders, practitioners, and industry thought leaders from across North America. While we are disappointed that we won’t be able to offer amazing food and beverage (we know attendees always look forward to the wine and beer selection at our events), we will be integrating many creative wellness-related “break sessions” and a plethora of creative sponsor and social offerings.

With the Airmeet event platform we will be running a fully interactive tradeshow, networking tables, “random speed networking”, and highly interactive sessions, all within the Airmeet platform — i.e. you don’t need to leave the platform to jump on Zoom, Google Meet, or any other platform.

Spots are limited so be sure to grab your ticket today — great networking, and hands-on learning.

Note: for those who are members of the HRPA, attending SocialHRCamp has been pre-approved for 5 CPD hours.

Jordana Heney
Graphic Designer
Emily Zukauskas
Sales Manager
Kara Wilson Oliver
Director of People & Culture
Loren Maisels
Founder & President
Wendy Pat Fong
Director of People & Culture
Adam Growe
Professional Comedian & Host/MC
Bakari Savage
SocialHRCamp Virtual Emcee
Anthony Vaughan
John Fleischauer
Chief Talent Officer
Laurie Ruettimann
Writer, Speaker & Entrepreneur
Brenda Rigney
Rolando Lopez
Senior Director, Talent Strategy
Jason Averbook
Co-Founder & CEO
Agata Zasada
Vice President of People & Culture
Andrea Johnson
Director, Human Resources
Stephen Shedletzky
Head of Brand Experience, Igniter
Laura Sukorokoff
Founder and People Maximizer
Agnes Budyn
Dr. Priscilla Tang
Naturopathic Doctor
Zoë Bowman
Psychotherapist and Corporate Trainer
Dr. Jonas Eyford
President & Employee Experience Strategist
Ron Eves
Chief Growth Officer
Estela Vázquez Pérez
Employer Brand and Employee Experience Strategist
Jamie Savage
Jeff Waldman SocialHRCamp
Jeff Waldman
HR Leader, HR Tech Evangelist & Entrepreneur
Caitlin MacGregor
Co-Founder & CEO

The biggest challenge to engaging employees is FOCUS. (P) We have thousands of ways to “engage,” but HR is siloed and cross-functional with different teams responsible for engaging at moments that matter. This dilutes the overall focus on the entire employee lifecycle, leading to missed moments, fractured experiences, and unnecessary friction points at best. At worst, disengaged employees are dissatisfied and less productive, even detractors to organizational culture and your customer experience. (P) The Now of Work is a state of working that is distributed, digital, and driven more than ever by technology intended to keep us connected. Adding complexity is the extended workforce; not all your workers are fully employed, but everyone needs and deserves the same easy, frictionless experience of work for your company. (P) Here’s the crux: technology alone doesn’t drive connection or engagement. That requires an intentional approach and a digital way of thinking. Jason Averbook explains the Digital Equation for Employee Engagement success in this inspiring keynote.


Often seen on laptops, water bottles or even street signs, motivational stickers are everywhere. On top of being a snazzy decoration, motivational stickers act as a reminder of a positive message or inspiration to do one's best. In this activity, we will brainstorm ideas and design stickers that motivate and inspire employees who are working remotely. Led by esteemed graphic designer, Jordana Heney, together we will learn the basics of good design as well as designing graphics on StickerYou’s digital design platform.


Presented by LOMA Marketing Agency, join us for the Adam Growe Quiz Show, 30 minutes of comedy with a fun trivia competition between YOU our attendees. Adam will interact with a small group of pre-selected participants live on-screen (interested in volunteering reach out to while everyone plays along on their mobile device using an easy access URL, no app download required. Volunteers and those playing along who make the top 5 on the leaderboard will win a gift card.

COVID changed the world of work and uncovered a hard truth: millions of us are overworked, exhausted, and trying our hardest—yet not getting the recognition we deserve. It’s time for a fix. A top career coach and HR consultant, Laurie Ruettimann knows firsthand that work can get a lot better for all workers— including talent-focused professionals. In a session packed with insights and stories from her new book, she’ll lay out the framework necessary to elevate and promote the employee experience while championing personal interests and creating a life you enjoy. You’ll leave with strategies for approaching work in a smart and healthy manner, knowing when to sign off for the day, doubling down on your capacity to learn, taking better risks using a more innovative framework, and beating impostor syndrome once and for all.

In this session, you will learn the basics of incredible communication strategy and how it relates to engagement. We’ll define engagement, so we are all on the same page, and discuss key ways to approach communication that you can then take back to your organization to find and fill gaps quickly. I’ll provide you with some tools and best practices that we have found success with that you can test out during our session before putting them in your own toolbox. The best part is, I’ve got some fun prizes to give away!

What if you had access to data that helped you understand how to set each employee up to thrive at work? Plum CEO Caitlin MacGregor will talk about how to use Industrial/Organizational (I/O) psychology to reveal each employee’s strengths and potential to help your organization: - Hire more effectively and create smoother onboarding experiences. - Build high-performing teams. - Move talent within your organization more easily. - Create more personalized and impactful learning and development programs. - Identify and engage the employees who are most likely to succeed in leadership positions. She’ll talk about how using this data at scale helps organizations fully leverage the potential of their workforces because when people are thriving, businesses thrive too.

This is my dream title, the lack of understanding of each other results in one-size-fits-all employee experience design. The future of work is customized for both the organization and the employee or service provider. It is time for talented people to expect more than respect from organizations, and it is time for the organization to generate meaningful work in an era of AI, automation, and elevated conscience of our global footprint. Prepare to challenge your point of view and share your position. 


We will explore the following topics:

Learn the difference between Employer Brand, Employee Experience, and Employer Branding - and why it matters.

When hiring goes remote global, develop cultural awareness - bonus: your ATS is biased, fix it after this session.

Amplify humanity one task at a time with automation.

A hybrid workforce is about giving people a choice to create their own experience at work.

Leaders must learn to listen better. Seems obvious and so simple, however, many executives and leaders lack such an essential skill. In the past year, it has become even easier to get trapped in information bubbles. In these bubbles, leaders are surrounded by people whom they’ve curated to be and think alike. They are typically overconfident and hold outdated views about leadership. In this session, Jamie will go over some tips on how leaders can burst those information bubbles and break down the belief that they know everything they need to know about what’s happening in their company. She will cover how important it is to create a culture or environment where employees feel free to challenge their leader. And especially in this pandemic, where it is so important to have an “open-door” policy (although that door looks different now) to speak up on any issues or ask questions.

It’s no surprise that employees who feel connected to their company stay longer, are more productive, and higher-performing. They’re also your best advocates and any organization’s prized asset. How can you improve your employee experience through culture and engagement, especially in a hybrid work world? Wendy Pat Fong, HR Director at Co-pilot will cover tips for translating your company culture from in-office to remote and hybrid work, how to use people data for better engagement, and what kind of HR tech you can leverage to keep your people connected and communicating.

52% of workers plan to look for a new job. Of that group, more than half landed their current job less than a year ago. People are not happy at work—and the chief cause of this is bad managers. Losing people because of managers behaving badly is very costly to business—employee turnover is expensive and can range from 1.5 to 2 times the employee’s annual salary. It’s also very costly to morale, the customer experience, and overall revenue. Business leaders must take notice. The workplace needs to become more human, and managers are the key to bringing this about. Employees aren’t looking for super-high salaries, fancy perks, or costly value-adds. All they’re asking for… is a little RESPECT. In this talk, Laura will make the case for bringing back talking—really talking—to employees. What she has learned, through… well… really talking to people about their experiences, is that employees are looking for support, trust, and a mutually respectful relationship with their manager. The concept is simple… and effective. In this session, learn from a veteran talent developer about creating the kind of positive work environment where employees can feel supported and successful · 7 steps to solving engagement issues in the workplace · a powerful management tool to guide conversations with, and learning about, employees and what makes them tick.

Future Idea: Leaders will care about their team's vision and goals before the vision and goals of their organization. What if all of our employees were equipped to articulate a vision for their life and design goals to support their vision? What if you could set boundaries to reduce your limiting beliefs and take on whatever is possible in your life? What if you navigate the natural flow of communication, decision making, and management with ease? Let's engage in a 40 mins session on creating what's possible for your life.

Employee Referral Programs (ERPs) have long been perceived as a key Source of Hire in the war for Talent.  It is based on the premise that “good people know good people”. However, ERPs have another side that is often overlooked:  It’s a good indicator of employee sentiment on your corporate culture. 


Tune in to this session to learn more about the connection between ERPs and corporate culture: learn how you can apply ERP data to gain further insights on the health of your corporate culture, and engage in discussion on practical interventions that enable you to make stronger connections with your recruiting practices with your efforts to maintain a positive culture. 


Discussion topics will include:

  • The two sides of the coin:  Hires and Submissions and the different insights each brings

  • Applying ERP data with Employee Engagement Survey data to gather deeper insights on the health of your culture

  • Internal ERP Campaigns:  determining when, what, and how using data from your ATS and Employee Surveys

How do your employees show up at work? Do they walk through the company’s doors and log time at their workstations while counting down the hours until the end of the workday? Or, do they arrive energized, engaged, and ready to take on the tasks and challenges of the day ahead? The difference between these scenarios and their impact on performance and innovation can make all the difference between a company’s success, or lack thereof. 


Employee experience is an underlying factor.


In this session, we’ll explore the power of employee experience, the benefits of an intentional and well-designed employee experience program, and the role of technology.


Engaged employees are your best brand ambassadors and you need more of them! Join John as he shares a 5 step process to engage your employees from the inside-out to raise your companies visibility as a whole.

In the past year, the world has undergone change at a great scale. One of the biggest things to hit business is the movement from working in offices to working from home. This has resulted in employees feeling at arm’s length from the organization and, as a result, lonely and isolated. Human Resources has had to rise to the occasion and shoulder the burden for keeping employees engaged and happy in this new virtual workplace. HR bears the responsibility but is often left out of executive boardroom discussions on the impact of engagement on the organization, and the reverse. In this fireside chat, Anthony Vaughan and Laura Sukorokoff of Project 2030 will discuss how working virtually has impacted engagement, what HR's role is (or should be) in driving engagement in the workplace, and the importance of HR in shaping engagement strategies for organizations. We invite you to bring your questions and ideas to this discussion and let’s start a conversation about the changing role of Human Resources and its importance in shaping organizational strategy.

There are a lot of predictions about what workplaces will look like once we are all out of hiding. There is one thing common to all the predictions...




We’re going to want to change everything. Including our jobs and what role they play in our lives.


Heavens to betsy!


HR leaders thought the last 15 months were intense? We’re just entering into a new phase, the employee revolution that will wage war on our precious employee engagement and retention rates.


In my 20 years of working in mission-based social enterprise tech shops, I’ve witnessed the value of impact on engagement. My brief yet disastrous time working at the wrong company taught me two things (1) employee engagement is substantially boosted by impact and (2) you can’t inject impact when it’s not real.


As penance, I spent 11 months as an undercover millennial studying the role of impact on employee engagement. Join me to explore the results of my experiments and what might help to inoculate against the upcoming post-pandemic revolution of change.


Perhaps we’ll even touch on Basecamp’s recent (now infamous) statement. Proving the revolution is already starting.


Bring a piece of paper and pencil - we’ll do a short exercise to discover what crazy, reckless, short-sighted, wonderful, and beautiful things you might want to change. Sharing is optional.

You don’t get to decide if you’re a great leader or if you have a great culture – your people do. In this interactive fireside chat with Stephen Shedletzky, we will explore how leaders can bridge the gap between what they think their culture is and how people actually experience it. It doesn’t stop at an employee engagement survey or employee net promoter score. While those can be effective indicators, they are not the complete story. Leadership and culture are always a human endeavour. We will unpack, discuss and explore what leaders at all levels can do to create the type of place to work – remote, office, or hybrid – where people actually want to show up and stay. A place where people feel inspired, safe, and fulfilled.

Jason Averbook
Employee Engagement in the "Now of Work"
Laurie Ruettimann
Betting on You: How HR Can Put Itself First & Finally Take Control of its Career
Agata Zasada
Communicating to Engage Employees & Maximize Results
Caitlin MacGregor
Use the Right Data to Set Employees Up to Thrive at Work
Estela Vazquez Perez
Employee Experience Design for the Future of Work
Dr. Jonas Eyford
Recharge Your Body
Jamie Savage
Tips on How to Burst the Information Bubbles and Build a Listening Culture
Emily Zukauskas and Wendy Pat Fong
Supporting Employee Experience, Engagement & Culture w/ HR Tech
Laura Sukorokoff
It's Not Them, It's You! Why Employees Break Up with Their Managers & What to Do About It
Zoe Bowman
Recharge Your Mind
Agnes Budyn
Improving Your Posture
Brenda Rigney
Leaders Will Care About Their Team's Vision Goals Before That of Their Organization
Andrea Johnson
Transform Employees Into Gladiators with Employee Experience & Technology
John Fleischauer
How to Engage Your Employees From the Inside Out
Dr. Priscilla Tang
Recharge Your Energy Levels
Anthony Vaughan & Laura Sukorokoff
Why Aren't the People Responsible For Engagement Leading the Process
Kara Wilson-Oliver
How My Experiments Might Help w/ the Post Pandemic Resignation Boom
Stephen Shedletzky
Bridge the Culture Gap

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    May 19, 2021 4:30 pm
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    May 20, 2021 5:00 pm
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