A major part of the original vision for SocialHRCamp was to incorporate an element of philanthropy. In late 2011 when the SocialHRCamp concept was being created, Camp Founder Jeff Waldman was unclear how philanthropy would be woven into the fabric of the community-based platform. We have been fortunate to have been able to provide complimentary tickets for HR/Recruitment professionals who are in-transition. We know how difficult it is financially when someone is unemployed, and we have used SocialHRCamp events as a way to help those affected professionals network and open up new doors.


On a more formal level we have had the privilege of supporting organizations such as WEUnited Way, and Engage and Change. Most recently we made a decision to start supporting a Kits for a Cause. 100% of all revenue generated from tickets by donation and sponsorship will be used to purchase supplies for front-line health workers fight COVID-19 and keep our communities safe. To donate directly to the cause please click on the following donation button below.