Saturday, January 31, 2015 will mark the 3rd SocialHRCamp in the beautiful city of Vancouver, where it all began. We love to push boundaries and shake things up. This Camp will be no exception as we'll be holding the event at Hootsuite, one of the biggest brand names in the social media world. However, what will remain the same is our mission of creating an agenda with the help and input of the Vancouver HR/Recruitment community, local thought-leaders and leading-edge HR/Recruitment technology companies. This will be the 2nd Camp where 60% of ticket proceeds will be donated to the Free The Children project that we initiated in the late summer, 2014. For more information about the unique project please click here.


SocialHRCamp Speaker Presentations

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Event Speakers

Angela Bortolussi
Heather Claridge
Dave Savory
Richard Tuck
Andrew Chan
Christian De Pape
Jessica Hollander
Wisam Abdulla
Farah Kanji
Steph Corker
Matt Corker
Chad MacRae
Amy Hamdorff
Rocky Ozaki
J. Kondopulos
Katt Stearns
Greg Pantelic
Jeff Waldman
Ambrosia Humphrey
Rayanne Thorn