Jen Watkiss

Jen Watkiss has long been living at the leading edge of social technology.  She worked at a Gastown technology company while the startups were still in Yaletown and was invited to speak on a panel at the first Northern Voice blogging conference.  Tech startup veteran, marketing and PR specialist, personal blogger and digital native, 10 years on, the personal has become professional as Jen now spends her days as the Marketing and Social Media Manager for Talent Technology.

You can find her online changing recruiting and sourcing for the better with Talemetry talent generation as @talemetryJen, writing and editing at the Talent Technology blog or on  You can also see her personal musings & adventures on twitter as @Jen_Watkiss or at

Early Adopter. Gadget Nerd. Amateur Foodie. Travel Junkie. Slightly Batty.

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    May 16, 2012
    Join us for the first-ever SocialHRCamp in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Talent Technology Corp will be hosting this Camp so make sure you register!