Jane Boyd

Jane is the Founder of 45 Conversations; a company created to serve speakers, authors, event promoters and participants as well as worldwide collaborators that want to build awesome connections and meaningful relationships.  45 Conversations reinvents the power of conversation, creating momentum and enthusiasm for events and ideas, while simultaneously building engagement and community.   

For more than seven years, Jane has been actively involved in the world of social media.  She is a blogger, speaker, online community builder and global collaborator who regularly participates in unique initiatives in the social space.  Jane is a founding partner of #StartupJAM and is also part of the #Soundof100 project team; a global transmedia project that is designed to curate the voices of 100 people ages 1 to 100 years. She is directly connected with many of the most leading influencers within the social business and online space.   Jane is an active participant in SOBCon, the think tank of the social web where some of the best minds in the Internet space gather to present models, discuss insights, and determine best practices which was founded by Liz Strauss.

Additionally, for more than 15 years, Jane has successfully provided consulting services to the corporate, government and NGO sectors.  She has designed and implemented leading & award winning solutions related to human resources, employee wellbeing and workplace child care issues.

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