T-2 Sleeps to SocialHRCamp Vancouver 2016

We are just days away from SocialHRCamp Vancouver 2016, the 15th SocialHRCamp since it started in mid-2012. Not only are we sold out (125 attendees) we have an awesome group of speakers and sponsors who will be rocking it out at the BC Tech Association on Saturday, November 26th. One of the cool things about SocialHRCamp is its commitment to diversity. Diversity in sponsors, speakers, venues, attendees and session topics. This Saturday we will have 16 speakers, 15 of them being first-timer’s. The lone one who is returning is Rocky Ozaki and he’ll only be speaking for 5 minutes. He’s hosting the event so he has to be there! Our sponsors are all first-timer’s as well with the exception of Rise, who we love and is back for the 2nd straight Vancouver Camp. Thanks to you guys, and to Mindfield Group, VanHack, Ruutly and of course the venue host, BC Tech Association. Note: Mindfield Group was a late addition to the sponsorship group and were not profiled in the recent blog post, “Introducing the Sponsors for SocialHRCamp Vancouver 2016“.

Mindfield has played a major role in the Vancouver and broader Canadian Recruitment community, focusing primarily on retail and hospitality. They’re an interesting company as CEO Cam Laker has been able to differentiate themselves from their competitors by leveraging technology. This simple fact is one of the key reasons why we like them. Cam will be leading a session that will focus on how to apply the latest digital marketing strategies to recruitment. We don’t think there’s anyone more qualified to talk about this very topic so we’re excited. They’ve also built a pretty cool workplace culture – their Vancouver HQ (see image below) is just one of many influencing reasons.

Introducing the Speakers

As we mentioned above 15 of the 16 speakers are first-timers, which is awesome. It’s as diverse a group as we’ve had at any of the previous 14 Camps. It’s a nice balance of thought-leaders and HR/Recruitment practitioners. Practitioner organizations include Hootsuite, Lululemon, O2E Brands, Bench Accounting and Nurse Next Door. It’s safe to say that Vancouver has been the best HR/Recruitment community for SocialHRCamp – the quality of practitioner talent is incredible, level of tech adoption is high and eagerness to learn is off the charts. Attendees will have an amazing experience this weekend and we’re looking forward to being there.

SocialHRCamp Vancouver 2016 Speakers SHRC16

Be sure to stay close to the conversation via the #SHRC16 hashtag on Twitter and/or Instagram, and even engage with us during the day. Finally, we’re sure you’ve all seen the feature Camp video that was produced a couple of years ago, but the funny thing is that the message still holds true today. Enjoy.