Introducing the Sponsors for SocialHRCamp Vancouver 2016

We’re getting closer and closer to our 15th SocialHRCamp in the city where it all began, “Silicon Valley North”. Version 1 of the agenda was published last week (check it out here) and our speakers are locked down (will be introducing them next week). This post is about introducing the small but mighty group of first-time sponsors. We tend to use “first time” a lot, which we like by the way, because one of our values is diversity. Diversity in attendees (people, organizations and industries), topics (we’ve run quite a few of them since 2012), speakers (all speakers except 1 on the roster for SHRC16 Vancouver is speaking for the first time) and of course sponsors.

BC Tech Association

BC Tech AssociationThe venue host sponsor is the BC Tech Association. They’re truly an amazing organization with all of the work they are doing and their visionto make B.C. the best place to grow a tech company. For more than 20 years, BC Tech (formerly the BCTIA) has been providing opportunities for the tech industry to collaborate, learn, and grow together. They’re dedicated to connecting companies, developing talent, sharing stories, and advocating on behalf of tech companies to keep the tech industry thriving. Rocky Ozaki, VP of Community for BC Tech has been absolutely fantastic in helping organize and plan this SocialHRCamp, and were ecstatic to have the chance to showcase their space to the broader HR/Recruitment community.


RuutlyWe have a couple of start-up companies on board this year, and we’re looking forward to seeing what their plans are to conquer the world of HR and Recruitment. First is Ruutly, a Toronto-based start-up that empowers organizations to embed beautifully branded, interactive candidate experiences directly in their job postings through their ATS and track their massive impact. To date the results have been amazing as organizations are seeing candidates spending more time on their job postings, which has created significantly increased engagement. We know how boring typical online job postings are (just go to any job board and see for yourself). Ruutly Founder, Ryan Porter, will be in Vancouer to introduce the platform to the Vancouver HR/Recruitment community, and will also be leading a concurrent session. For more information on how Ryan thinks, and what Ruutly aims to solve, check out a great piece of content called “Let’s Bring Job Ads Out of 1996“. For those have heard of Ryan you may have seen his talk at DisruptHR Toronto in December 2016 where he did an amazing talk called “Wolves in the Workplace” (see below), which has been viewed almost 4,000 times.


VanHackThe second start-up is called VanHack, a Vancouver-based start-up which is a really interesting platform that helps international tech talent find work in the Canadian tech industry. Not only do they help pair talent with jobs but they work with talent to acquire the necessary skills, mentorship and connections need to land their dream job. We’re really excited about having VanHack with us because they’re more than just a niched job board. They take what they do one step further to teach skills, which is a fundamental value of SocialHRCamp. VanHack Founder & CEO Ilya Brotzky will be running a shorter virtual session from abroad on what the new Canadian Federal Government changes to immigration will mean for organizations looking to recruit tech talent. If you’re curious about how VanHack works check out the video below.


RiseLast but not least is Vancouver-based Rise. Rise has a cool brand and providing organizations with a modern way to manage HR, Payroll and Benefits, all in one place. They’re making it simple for businesses to engage and care for their employees by combining innovative technology with years of industry expertise. We know how difficult it is for new tech companies to break into the HR/Recruitment space but Rise is growing and realizing amazing success. They recently published a cool book titled, “Welcome to the Future: A New Age of HR” and we encourage you to download your free copy (click on the book cover below to access the download link).

Welcome to the Future: A New Age of HR

We thank each of our sponsors for jumping on board with us. As with all of our events, the generous support of our sponsors enable us to keep ticket prices low, and focus on maximizing value to the local HR/Recruitment Community. We’re excited about showcasing BC Tech Association, Ruutly, VanHack and Rise on Saturday, November 26th in Vancouver. Tickets are available and can be purchased using the widget below — just $75, which includes breakfast, lunch and all-day beverages. We hope to see you there!