Introducing Los Angeles… the Newest City to the SocialHRCamp Family

So we’re back at it with our newest city for SocialHRCamp, in warm and sunny Los Angeles. We royally rocked it in late November in Vancouver at a packed BC Tech Association. Camp Founder, Jeff Waldman announced at the Camp that we would be venturing into a couple of new cities for 2017. First on the list will be Los Angeles (view the Camp page here), taking place on Thursday, May 11th at WeWork Culver City. An interesting thing about this event is that it’ll be our first one taking place in the evening. To date they have been all-day during the week or on the weekend. As you all know, each community is different and they each want different things. Vancouver loves weekend events, but Omaha prefers weekday. We’re not in the business of telling people what to do… we just want to offer an awesome experience that is full of value, learning and inspiration. Here we come Los Angeles HR/Recruitment community… the Camp will kick off at 5pm with networking, dinner and drinks, followed by 3+ hours of uber-awesome and interactive sessions, which will be led by leading HR and Recruitment practitioners and thought-leaders in the local community.

Each venue that we have had the fortunate to opportunity to partner with over the years have been amazing in their own unique ways. From Google to Lighthouse Labs to Red Branch Media to Hootsuite and many more, they each possess their own personalities and characteristics. WeWork is the global leader in co-working with dozens upon dozens of spaces in 15 countries around the world. If you haven’t had the chance to set foot in a WeWork location take a couple of minutes and check out their website, or more specifically the Culver City location where we’ll be on May 11th. Needless to say, the space is unbelievable and will offer attendees an amazing SocialHRCamp experience, just like the previous 15.

The HR/Recruitment Technology and Social HR landscape has grown significantly during the past 5 years since SocialHRCamp started, but one thing remains constant. That is adoption remains a challenge. There are several reasons for this, but the point is that leading HR and Recruitment practitioners living in the Greater Los Angeles Area need to attend SocialHRCamp L.A. The value they will receive will be infinite, and even if each attendee walks away having learned just one new skill, they will improve their ability to resolve the many people-related challenges that the industry faces.

If you’re wondering how SocialHRCamp works, it’s relatively simple. As was mentioned above, networking will begin at 5pm with dinner and drinks being served. At 6pm sharp we will roll right into the learning portion of the evening with concurrent sessions being led by many leading practitioners and thought-leaders in the local community. Who will they be? Not to worry… we’ll announce them soon. After the conclusion of the Camp we’ll likely move to another location to continue the many conversations that started earlier in the evening. We’re sure you’re wondering what the topics will be, but here’s the thing. It’s a work-in-progress where we work with the local community, thought-leaders and the hottest topic areas within the world of HR and Recruitment technology to help us build an agenda. This usually takes a couple of months and we will publish a couple of versions of agendas leading up to May 11th. But don’t worry, whatever topics we end up running they will ALL be hands-on, interactive and incredibly relevant to the community.

Finally, SocialHRCamp is never possible without the generous support of our sponsors. We love giving accolades to them because, for the most part, they’re all awesome HR/Recruitment technology and services companies moving and shaking within their respective niches. Los Angeles based, HR Cloud and Recruiting Social are the first two awesome companies to jump on board as sponsor, and we’re ecstatic to have them join the sponsorship family. Check them out when you have a free moment. They both have a pretty awesome platform and will be contributing in a big way to the Camp experience.

You also need to reserve your ticket before they sell out. Yes we do cap our audience at 150 in order to maintain the interactive nature of SocialHRCamp. Once it gets beyond 150 it becomes a conference, and we’re not the biggest fans of big and bulky conferences. What’s the cost? Just $50 + a small fee. Yes that’s it. Jump on it, and we look forward to meeting the Los Angeles HR/Recruitment community on May 11, 2017. #SHRC17