FINALLY… Version 1 Agenda for SocialHRCamp Vancouver 2016 is Live!

We know we know… it took some time to get version 1 of the agenda published for SocialHRCamp Vancouver 2016 (click on the “Agenda” button). For those of you who know how we curate the agenda, it’s a work of art to say the least. We ask all attendees a set of short questions during the registration process for a specific reason. No it’s not to bombard and spam them all with useless information, it’s to learn SocialHRCamp Vancouver Agenda Version 1specifically what they are looking to learn from attending SocialHRCamp. The Camp on Saturday, November 26th will be our 15th since it began in May 2012, and each Camp has been different in their own unique ways — attendees, session topics, speakers, sponsors and local HR/Recruitment community. If we didn’t pay attention to what the local community wants then each agenda would have seriously missed the mark. Now, taking this approach means that the agenda takes a fair amount of time to get to the place it’s currently at. To be frank, we would rather do this than simply slap something up there that makes no sense.

So, it’s now live on the event webpage and we encourage everyone to take a look, comment on it and ask questions of clarification. You will notice that the 1-page agenda is populated with session title, speaker name and time slot. Version 2, which we will publish next week will include session descriptions. We’re getting there!

In true SocialHRCamp fashion every single speaker, with the exception of one (Rocky Ozaki) has never spoken at SocialHRCamp before. We like this because it brings in different and new perspectives to the table, and gives both speaker and attendee a new opportunity. We still have a couple more speaker profiles to create and publish, but for the most part what you see today is what you will see on November 26th at the BC Tech Association.

We sincerely hope that by looking at this engagement-packed agenda will tip you on the side of “YES I’m signing up today”. Tickets are only $75, which includes breakfast, lunch (courtesy of Freshii) and all-day beverages. Plus you’ll have the chance to network with a handful of really cool Canadian HR/Recruitment tech companies (we will be introducing them next week) who are moving and shaking in their own respective niches.

To the Vancouver HR Community… have a great weekend, remember to reserve your seat (see below) and we look forward to having you with us on November 26th.