T-3 Sleeps to SocialHRCamp Omaha 2016

We’re getting close to our 2nd SocialHRCamp in Omaha, Nebraska. If it’s going to be anything like last year it’s going to be a great day of learning, networking and socializing. The speakers, sponsors, food, drink and everything else in between are locked and loaded and ready to go. There are some seats still available so please be sure to snap them up asap if you still haven’t registered.

It has been said many times since the 2015 Camp that the venue host, Red Branch Media is second to none. Led by Maren Hogan, they have a truly special and unique company made up of awesome people. They have all jumped into the fray and have chipped in to help organize the event, whether it be logistics, marketing, promotions, happy hour (yes I said happy hour… will get to this in a bit) and many more. Special kudos goes out to Marissa Litty, Shalaina Ocasio and Shaley McKeever, who by the way will be joining Eric Foutch in a cool panel session during the event. Red Branch Media has a phenomenal space that is absolutely perfect for the interactive nature of SocialHRCamp, and we’re really excited to be back in their space. If you haven’t yet checked out what Red Branch Media does please do so asap at www.redbranchmedia.com. They’re a ridiculously smart marketing and advertising agency, and work with a variety of industries.

Red Branch Media SocialHRCamp

The Sponsors

There are a couple of factors that influence our decision on who we partner with at each SocialHRCamp. They’re relatively simple actually. The first is that they play in the HR/Recruitment space — usually they have a SaaS-based technology platform. Second, they’re not some mega-giant software company that employs half the world. Third, they have a tie to the local community where the SocialHRCamp is taking place. Fourth, they love teaching, educating and having awesome conversations. The sponsors for this 14th SocialHRCamp meet every single one of this criteria. In no particular order…

ultimate-software-logoUltimate Softwarewww.ultimatesoftware.com
Ultimate Software’s cloud-based UltiPro helps simplify and improve work experiences for all employees. With UltiPro, you can deliver personalized recruiting and onboarding experiences, guide employees through important benefits choices, simplify complex payroll computations, efficiently manage time and attendance needs, support continuous performance management and development, and build proactive succession plans. Most importantly, UltiPro’s solutions are supported by powerful business intelligence and reporting to help you drive smarter, people-focused business results. As an extra tid bit, Ultimate Software was recently named to the Elite 8 of Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces™. The awards gala took place in Toronto, Canada where SocialHRCamp Founder, Jeff Waldman served as one of the awards judges. They also have a cool product tour which can be viewed here.

quantum-workplace-logoQuantum Workplace www.quantumworkplace.com
Quantum is back as sponsor for their 2nd SocialHRCamp Omaha. Based right in Omaha they have a really powerful full-cycle employee engagement platform — engagement survey/pulse tools, recognition, goal setting, 360 degree feedback, 1-on-1s and exit surveys. Quantum has worked with thousands of organizations around the globe and have some incredible success stories to share. Their Head of Product, Phill Haussler will be co-leading the morning mega-session about how Hudl built a performance management system employees love. Don’t believe it? You should get a ticket and see for yourself.

One Sourcewww.onesourcebackground.com
one-source-logoJust like Quantum Omaha based One Source is back with us as a sponsor. The provide a service to employers that is absolutely crucial to any business today. With our increasingly diverse workforce and complexity within our businesses it is important that organizations partner with a company like One Source to conduct pre-employment background screening assessments. A cool thing about One Source is their awesome user experience, which as many of us know in HR with background screening vendors, is not a commonly shared thing. The platform is easy to use, access, and navigate while providing accurate service.

hram-fullcolorrgb-smallHR Association of the Midlands (HRAM)www.hram.org
HRAM has been the most engaged HR Association out of any of the SocialHRCamp’s that we have run to date in Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston. Sarah Schulz, HRAMs Chapter Manager has led the way in engaging their members and connecting them to diverse learning opportunities within human resources. We could not ask for a better industry partner than HRAM.

The Speakers

We have had more than 100 thought-leaders, experts and HR practitioners speak at SocialHRCamp since 2012. While we have a couple of returning speakers from last year, the majority are first-timers, and we love this. We have a few more sessions led by HR/Recruitment practitioners from Hudl, Omaha Public Power District and Proactive Talent Strategies. This speaker group is another awesome one and we’re really excited to learn from them.


Happy Hour

Since we’re all about great conversations and networking we’re going to continue the day after SocialHRCamp at Wilson & Washburn for “Happy Hour”. It’s a cool spot in an old restored 19th century building on the outskirts of Omaha’s Sporting District. Not only do they have awesome food they have more than 20 craft brews on tap. They offer free wifi, charging stations for mobile devices and laptops and the atmosphere that will certainly enable us to continue the many great conversations into the night.

Wilson & Washburn


Wondering how you can reserve your seat? Simply register below using the Picatic widget. We had a great time last year, and this year will be a repeat to the power of REPEAT.