A Couple Dozen Speakers for SocialHRCamp Toronto 2017

We are almost there. 120+ members of the Toronto HR/Recruitment Community will be coming together at Lighthouse Labs in the evening of November 21st for SocialHRCamp Toronto 2017. We’re introducing a new concept for SocialHRCamp — short 3-minute pecha kucha-style presentations from Founders and Leaders of Canadian HR/Recruitment tech start-ups. Technology adoption within the HR Community is still a struggle, and it’s largely due to the inability of the community to stay on top of the available platforms in the market. HR Tech is a rapidly growing segment of the tech industry, and we all know there are several sub-functions within HR — niche tools that focus on recruiting, sourcing, candidate/applicant relationship management, onboarding, employer branding, performance management, rewards and recognition, labour relations, reporting and analytics, employee engagement, career pathing, leadership, and the list goes on. How on earth can HR practitioners stay on top of all of this? On their own, they can’t! Introducing these short presentations furthers SocialHRCamp’s agenda to promote and support HR tech adoption.

One of the founding principles of SocialHRCamp in early 2012 was to increase the number of sessions led by HR and Recruitment practitioners with each event. We have successfully been able to do this, and we think it’s significantly increased the quality of the attendee experience. After all, the Camp is about “how to” do something versus just talking about theories and ideas that may be perceived to be out of reach for many HR practitioners. As an HR practitioner there’s nothing more powerful than seeing a peer present and lead a session on how to integrate and leverage technology or social media at work. We believe that this significantly boosts adoption, and we’re proud of it. The majority of our full session speakers are either currently practicing HR or have in the past. They could be a generalist, leader or specialist.

Below are the speakers for SocialHRCamp #18 on November 21st.


In No Particular Order

  1. Amanda Ono: VP, People & Culture at Resolver
  2. Chris Buttenham: CEO & Founder at Obie.ai
  3. Ivana Lochhead: Partner at Feminuity
  4. Dr. Sarah Saska: Managing Partner at Feminuity
  5. Rob Catalano: Co-Founder at WorkTango
  6. Ryan Porter: Founder at Ruutly
  7. Leann Schneider: Organizational Development Researcher at Plum.io
  8. Abdurrahman Muni: Co-Founder at Tabnex
  9. Noel Webb: Co-Founder at Karen.ai
  10. Hollie Gordon: Director of Business Development at Heartbeat Ai
  11. Alex Desjardins: Co-Founder & Director at BubbleHR
  12. Adam Bercovici: Co-Founder at Luminari
  13. Scott Barr: CTO at Opportune
  14. Raaz Mana: Co-Founder at Knockri
  15. Avery Francis: Head of Talent at League
  16. Nora Jenkins: Founder at Bright + Early
  17. Marlina Kinnersley: CEO at Fortay
  18. Bohdan Zabawskyj: Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Fortay
  19. Johnathan Nightingale: Founder & Partner at Raw Signal Group
  20. Emma Surich: Talent Acquisition Specialist at ecobee
  21. Natasha Cotz: Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at ecobee
  22. Jonathan Kreindler: Co-Founder & CEO at Receptiviti

If you haven’t checked out the agenda please do so here. As we always say, “it’s shaping up to be another epic event”. Again, special thanks go out to our sponsors, Officevibe, Diversity Factor, Karen.ai, Ruutly and Lighthouse Labs. Let’s do this!