Next Stop… Camp #18 in Toronto

Our journey since the early days way way way back in May 2012 has been an interesting one. We’ve ventured into some interesting North American cities like Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Omaha, Boston, and Chicago. We’re looking to continue growing our footprint within Canada, and this expansion has been 100% organic. It’s been a lot of fun meeting and working with several HR and Recruitment communities to help them adopt technology and social media. We’ve enjoyed staying in touch with attendees to see their own journeys and how they have been able to help their organizations succeed, grow and scale. Several of our past attendees have come back to lead sessions, which has been extremely rewarding for us.

In a couple of weeks we will be rocking it out for the 18th time at Lighthouse Labs in downtown Toronto. Not only have they been a huge supporter of ours (they hosted last year as well) they have an awesome business, and space. We are technically sold out… although we have a few tickets here and there so if you haven’t grabbed your spot yet let us know, and it’s awesome to see many first-time attendees.

Version 1 of the agenda is finally done, and published. View it here, or below. It was definitely a labour of love because we will have more than 20 speakers for this one. Why? We’re doing something new… did you expect anything less than that? 🙂 Joining us will be 13… yes you read that correctly… Canadian HR/Recruitment tech start-ups who will each do a 3-minute pecha kucha-style talk on why they started their companies and what problem they are trying solve. One of our core beliefs is that HR practitioners need to be regularly looking at and evaluating new software tools. HR software is getting better at a faster rate than ever before. We need to stay on top of the trends and ensure our organizations are equipped with the best tools possible for them. If you fall behind in the HR software game you fall behind in your business. It’s simple as this. Not only is the audience to going to learn a ton, this is going to be a lot of fun.


Everyone knows that sponsorship is the lifeblood for a successful SocialHRCamp. As a cost-recovery event initiative we lean heavily on our sponsors to help on the revenue side to enable us to cover our costs. We also take pride in partnering with companies for the first time. We’re extremely humbled to be partnering with the following organizations.


Based in Montreal and expanding rapidly, Officevibe was conceived by GSOFT out of the realization that employee engagement was key to their success. Currently supporting 2,000 organizations around the globe monitor their employee satisfaction, Officevibe gives employees a way to express their feedback anonymously so managers can solve problems in real-time. They recently opened an office in Toronto and are excited to join the local community.


Ruutly was born out of a simple idea: job postings have not changed since job postings were invented. Boring talent away with outdated “one-size fit all” text-based job postings is too big a price to pay for the investments that your company makes into talent acquisition strategies and employer brand presence. Ruutly gives users complete control over a consistent, employer-branded, candidate experience that will enable you to attract and acquire right-fit, quality talent while providing unparalleled insights into how your job postings perform. Any company can create text-based job postings. They’ve been doing it for decades. But a meaningful candidate experience that speaks directly to the talented candidates you want to hire?


Karen is a cognitive recruiting chatbot for recruiters and candidates powered by IBM’s Watson. Karen is a winning combination of candidate rank and score, chatbot candidate engagement, and data crunching for both recruiters and candidates alike. Karen alleviates up to 50% of a recruiter’s time reviewing resumes and cover letters, all while engaging with candidates to further analyze qualifications for specific career interests and ensure each candidate gets a brand experience.

Diversity Factor

Diversity Factor seeks to answer why employees love working for their organization, specifically as it relates to diversity and inclusion. We know that organizations are more successful when they are truly diverse and inclusive. What are these organizations doing that enables their success, individually and collectively as an organization? Diversity Factor wants to answer this question and showcase those organizations that are leaders in building diverse and inclusive workplaces — storytelling using various forms of highly interactive and engaging digital media forms.