SocialHRCamp is Finally in Montreal!

It has certainly been a long time coming getting to this day. We made it one of our objectives in 2017 to expand the event throughout Canada. We started with Edmonton last year and now we’re about to rock it out in the beautiful city of Montreal. We typically like to celebrate many “firsts” with each event, and this one definitely has many firsts, starting with half of the break-out sessions being done in French and half in English. And of course many of our speakers will be first-time SocialHRCamp speakers, which we’re extremely proud of.

Speaking of the speakers, they’re a pretty awesome group (they always are, and yes we’re biased… but… they really are) who, collectively, bring amazing and extremely diverse backgrounds. Check them out below.

In No Particular Order

  1. Erin Willett: Brand & Culture Strategist, Founder at The Tap In Team
  2. Dominique Randez: Director of Talent Optimization at Humanify360
  3. Charlène Brahim: Head of Growth & Client Experience at Humanify360
  4. Alex Desjardins: Co-Founder at BubbleHR
  5. Erica Pearson: Co-Founder & CEO at Vacation Fund
  6. Aurélie Wen: Managing Director North America at Agorize
  7. Topher Kingsley-Williams: Co-Founder & CEO at Porpoise
  8. Noel Webb: Co-Founder at
  9. Jeff Waldman: Founder at SocialHRCamp and I Belong
  10. Sébastien Savard: Co-Founder & CEO at Sourcinc

Another Amazing Group of Sponsors

We can’t say it enough that the support for SocialHRCamp from the HR/Recruitment tech and services community has been off-the-charts since we started in 2012. We’ve been successfully able to bring together a complementary group of companies from start-ups to larger vendors, which makes us extremely proud. It’s no secret that we have a soft spot for start-ups and we aim to involve at least 3 HR/Recruitment start-ups in each Camp. We can’t thank each sponsor enough for their support and contributions, which helps us put on a fantastic experience for everyone involved.

Officevibe & GSOFT

Based in Montreal and expanding rapidly, Officevibe was conceived by GSOFT out of the realization that employee engagement was key to their success. Currently supporting 2,000 organizations around the globe monitor their employee satisfaction, Officevibe gives employees a way to express their feedback anonymously so managers can solve problems in real-time. They recently opened an office in Toronto and are excited to join the local community.

The space at GSOFT will likely be our coolest one yet, and that’s saying a lot because we’ve run SocialHRCamp at some pretty cool spots over the years. But none can say they have an indoor skateboard ramp. 🙂

Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software has been one of our top supporters of SocialHRCamp, and many other community initiatives that we’ve supported. Not only are they one of the top workplaces globally they are one of the top HR vendors that offer the full suite of HR software, UltiPro. A really cool fact about Ultimate Software is that they’re the offiical payroll & HR partner of the Miami HEAT basketball team. The next time you’re watching a HEAT basketball game be sure to find the Ultimate logo on their jerseys.


Headquartered in Montrreal and with offices in Quebec City and Toronto, Sourcinc has become one of the premier sourcing firms. We have gotten to know them pretty well during the past year and we’re super excited to have them participate in this event, and many more to come this year and next.


Based in Moncton, New Brunswick, Porpoise is one of our super cool start-up sponsors. They’re an innovative platform that increases employee engagement and workplace culture by effectively managing community impact. Organizations are realizing that social good is becoming a strategic business imperative, and Porpoise allows them to maximize this in a smart way.

I Belong

In partnership with Heartbeat AI, I Belong measures employee sentiment and sense of belonging within SMB tech companies. This is a brand new initiative that is being launched starting in Toronto, with plans to expand into other cities such as Vancouver and Montreal. The A.I. powered dashboard provides invaluable and actionable insights and benchmarking against the industry.

Diversity Factor

Diversity Factor seeks to answer why employees love working for their organization, specifically as it relates to diversity and inclusion. We know that organizations are more successful when they are truly diverse and inclusive. What are these organizations doing that enables their success, individually and collectively as an organization? Diversity Factor wants to answer this question and showcase those organizations that are leaders in building diverse and inclusive workplaces — storytelling using various forms of highly interactive and engaging digital media forms.


Karen is a cognitive recruiting chatbot for recruiters and candidates powered by IBM’s Watson. Karen is a winning combination of candidate rank and score, chatbot candidate engagement, and data crunching for both recruiters and candidates alike. Karen alleviates up to 50% of a recruiter’s time reviewing resumes and cover letters, all while engaging with candidates to further analyze qualifications for specific career interests and ensure each candidate gets a brand experience.


BubbleHR is an intelligent recruitment system that re-creates the interview experience online through the process of capturing mobile video from both applicants and employers, allowing users to step inside the “Bubble” to experience a job digitally before officially starting. The platform augments traditional data collection methods throughout the hiring process to deepen insights for corporate hiring decisions. By using deep learning techniques applied to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Vision, BubbleHR encodes the psychological profile of the company and its current team dynamic based on I/O Psychology. Crucial information that is needed to benchmark each candidate’s unique skills and traits to find the best fit for role specific requirements inside growing technology organizations.

Vacation Fund

Vacation Fund is like an RRSP matching platform for vacation travel. As humans we suck at saving money, and taking our vacation as its intended for. You know, remove yourself completely from work, recharge your batteries and come back refreshed and energized. As organizations we struggle at managing the vacation overflow problem, and we’re looking for more ways to enhance our employee value proposition so that we can attract, engage and retain top talent. Enter Vacation Fund — it helps solve fundamental problems that employees and employers face every single day.

We do have a handful of tickets available so if you have not yet registered please do so as soon as you can. It’s certainly to be an evening of top notch learning, conversation, networking, food and drink. #SHRC18 #Montreal