Amy Hamdorff

Amy Hamdorff started her career in retail like many others when they’re teenagers: in a customer-facing role at a large fast food company. But over the years, her career has progressed in a way you might not expect. Amy rose through the ranks quickly, becoming a Store Manager within five years.

She used that experience to become an Assistant Manager at Starbucks, an outside sales rep at another company, and ultimately then returned to Starbucks where she began her career in human resources. After four years at Starbucks Coffee, Amy then decided to join Cam Laker and team at Mindfield Group, as a Recruitment Manger overseeing a team of eight recruiters and 12 small to medium enterprise accounts.

Today, Amy is the Recruitment Manager at JOEY Restaurants in Vancouver, where it’s her job to support the Operators and Chef’s in both Canada and the US, in sourcing and recruiting the best talent that the industry has to offer. Amy also oversees the JOEY Restaurants employment brand where she recently introduced the social media handle @JOEYCareers to build engagement and awareness around JOEY culture, its partners and strong education programs.

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    January 31, 2015