And That’s a Wrap Folks – 11th SocialHRCamp in Omaha

The 11th SocialHRCamp, in Omaha Nebraska, happened yesterday at the absolutely awesome Red Branch Media office. As with any of the previous SocialHRCamps since the inaugural Vancouver event in May 2012, it took on a flavor of its own. Fuelled by the unbelievable support of a group of local HR/Recruitment tech and services companies, high quality group of speakers, and of course the gazillion star rated host, Red Branch Media.

Red Branch Media SocialhRCamp Omaha

Before I get to the uber-awesomeness of Red Branch Media it’s appropriate to recognize the key people and organizations that made yesterday such a success (of course the short feedback survey will be going out in a couple of days, but relentless recognition of those that played a role in the event is what SocialHRCamp is about).

Human Resource Association of the Midlands - Sarah SchulzFirst is Sarah Schulz and HRAM (HR Association of the Midlands). The support that Sarah and HRAM provided was second to none. In all of the Camps that I have done I have never seen the level of support as I experienced with HRAM. They relentlessly promoted the event to its members, jumped on phone calls to collaborate on the event and spearheaded the process to have the Camp approved for 3.5 HRCI credit hours. This was the first Camp to be approved by HRCI, and this additional piece of value that attendees received was simply icing on the cake.

Jason Lauritsen - SocialHRCamp Omaha 2015Second is Jason Lauritsen of Camp sponsor, Quantum Workplace. I was thrilled that we were able to integrate IgniteHR into the event, and needless to say, the 7 presentations rocked. The value continued with each facilitated short discussion after each presentation to further the learning experience.

Third goes to the group of sponsors – Aureus Group, Quantum Workplace, VentureTech, ConnectUp, One Source, Free The Children, and of course, Red Branch Media. Each sponsor contributed in so many invaluable ways, and the collective support and effort truly made this event what it was, a major success. I strongly encourage everyone to take a closer look at each sponsor (spend some time on their respective websites) as each is moving and shaking in their respective niches.

Fourth goes to the phenomenal group of speakers, many of whom were speaking at the first SocialHRCamp. The topics, preparation, passion and expertise was awesome. Thank you all — Alicia Elson, Eric Foutch, Chris Carlson, Phil Haussler, Kelli Lieurance, Nick Jasa, Bryan Wempen, Jason Lauritsen, Josh Berry, Maren Hogan, Dwane Lay, Crystal Miller, Rayanne Thorn, and last but not least, Rob Garcia.

SocialHRCamp Omaha 2015 Speakers

Red Branch MediaAnd finally, to the team at Red Branch Media. You were all absolutely fantastic. Your enthusiasm, passion, drive and commitment to making this event a success was extraordinary. I can’t say enough about you all, and I thank you each for your awesomeness. In no particular order: Marissa Litty, Maren Hogan, Eric Foutch, Kevin Rigard, Jeremy Hogan, Shaley McKeever, Sarah Duke, Kerry Pivovar, Kyle Christensen, Kristine Osbourne, Suriel Vazquez, Noelle Murphy, Kayleigh Jones and Shalaina Ocasio. And by the way, your space absofrickinglutely rocks!

Red Branch Media - SocialHRCamp Omaha 2015