John Stix

John Stix’ career as an entrepreneur in both telecommunications and marketing has provided him with a wealth of experience taking start-ups to enterprise level organizations. A co-founder of Fibernetics, one of the largest telecom companies in Canada with points of presence coast-to-coast, supports hundreds of thousands of Canadians with their telecommunications needs. John’s current role is President of Fibernetics, where he oversee’s an international team of telecom professionals principally through our residential brand, Worldline and our business services division, NEWT. He mentors Fibernetics Ventures Inc. and its associated companies: Fongo, Cloud at Cost, Rack & Data and Plasticity. His journey continues with a focus on improving culture with the “I’m in!” initiative. Great companies depend upon great culture to survive and thrive. He has the vision to not only realize a new culture was needed at Fibernetics but constructed the plan, the vision of what it should look like, its goals and its execution. John is passionate about culture in companies and what makes a great company become incredible. He lives it every day and is completely committed to this goal. The team they have developed at their Cambridge, Ontario head office work cohesively with the common goal of advancing Fibernetics and its group of companies. They are “in” and John is motivated to bring what’s working for them to other organizations. As a public speaker, John works with companies both large and small focusing on increasing workplace happiness and employee engagement through improving their culture. An entrepreneurship mentor with their own Fibernetics Ventures and with Communitech, John helps guide the next generation of business leaders to produce world changing products and services to market. #Commitment, #Happiness, #Culture & #I’m in!

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    November 13, 2014