SocialHRCamp Omaha 2016 Speaker Presentations

SocialHRCamp Omaha 2016 Kick-Off: The HR Technology & Social Media Revolution

by Jeff Waldman

Dominating Performance: How Hudl is Rethinking Performance Management

by Adam Parrish and Phil Haussler

Facebagged, Twerminated, and NetWORKed: Social Media and the Law

by Kelli Lieurance

How Tech Influences the Employee Experience

by Angie Verros

Social Recruiting 101: How to Keep the Magic Going

by Marissa Litty, Eric Foutch, Shalaina Ocasio, Shaley McKeever

Microfeedback, Confrontation & Value Alignment: How to Get Better Performance Monthly, Weekly and Daily!

by Maren Hogan