Thursday, November 13, 2014 will mark the 3rd SocialHRCamp in the city of Toronto, and will be the best one to date. In true SocialHRCamp fashion we will be creating a flexible agenda that will maximize attendee hands-on learning on how to strategically use social media and emerging HR/Recruitment technology in the workplace. Our session facilitators are experts in the fields of HR, Recruitment, Marketing, Social Media, Learning, Leadership and more, and will also be active participants throughout the day. The Camp will also showcase some of the most innovative and successful HR/Recruitment technologies in the industry such as Achievers, WIRL, Plasticity Labs, SpriggHR, HireVue and many more. 60% of ticket proceeds will be donated to a Free The Children project to support development of a school in the Amazon region of Ecuador.

Camp Highlights

SocialHRCamp Toronto 2014 Speaker Presentations

Event Sponsors

Event Speakers

Ron Eves
Josh Schwede
Daneal Charney
Brent Nacu
Jason George
Paul Hamilton
Shellbie Wilson
John Stix
John Pensom
Rachel Jacobson
Andrea Webb
Gajendra Ratnavel
Edwin Jansen
Erin Jacobs
Shanna Landolt
Carolyn Van
Robert Nishimura
Rayanne Langdon
Jennifer Moss
Jenna Jacobson
Greg Pantelic
Jeff Waldman
Jenna Wilson
Karen Scott