On Friday, May 15, 2015 we go right into the heart of America for the first SocialHRCamp in Omaha, Nebraska. This Camp is all about community and is being supported by a group of amazing local organizations, Aureus GroupRed Branch Media, Quantum Workplace, One Source and VentureTech. We're looking forward to working with sponsors, local partners, speakers and the Omaha HR/Recruitment community to create and deliver a content-rich and hands-on learning experience for everyone. As an industry we can no longer ignore the impact and value technology has on the work we do. Attendees will walk away from this Camp with invaluable insights, strategies and required blueprints to integrate technology into HR and Recruitment practices. This will be the 3rd Camp where 60% of ticket proceeds will be donated to the Free The Children project that we initiated in the late summer, 2014. For more information about the unique project please click here.


In typical SocialHRCamp fashion we are stepping outside of our comfort zone and trying something new. For the first time in our history we will be integrating the popular IgniteHR platform into SocialHRCamp. Each high-octane, thought-provoking and energetic presentation is 5 minutes long -- 20 slides that change every 15 seconds.

We will set aside 60-90 minutes in the morning to run IgniteHR, which will be facilitated by Jason Lauritsen of Camp sponsor, Quantum Workplace. Speakers are not professional or amateur speakers. However, they are HR & Recruitment Practitioners who are passionate about a particular topic relating to HR Technology and Social Media in the workplace, and are willing to speak in front of a group of fellow peers. Just like the speaker groups at SocialHRCamp, the group of speakers who will participate in IgniteHR will be extremely diverse.


SocialHRCamp Speaker Presentations

Event Sponsors

Event Speakers

Alicia Elson
Vicki Trujillo
Eric Foutch
Chris Carlson
Phil Haussler
Kelli Lieurance
Nick Jasa
Bryan Wempen
Jason Lauritsen
Josh Berry
Maren Hogan
Jeff Waldman
Dwane Lay
Crystal Miller
Rayanne Thorn
Rob Garcia