You Owe It to Your Organization to Be Relentlessly Curious

We hear it time in and time again that HR wants to “have that seat at the table” but I’m not so sure that we as an industry are really trying hard enough to earn it. Of course this is a stereotype and not everyone should be lumped in under this stereotype but I will firmly stand my ground behind this statement.

On numerous occasions I have made the case that effectively and strategically integrating and leveraging technology in HR is one of the best ways to earn that seat. Of course you can’t simply implement technology for the sake of implementing technology but if you have a clear understanding of what the technology will do for the business and how it will be measured you’re playing the game right.

Dont Expect a Seat When You Bring Nothing to The TableBut here is an observation that I have made during the past 6 months, and you are the first audience I am sharing this observation with. That is the majority of HR/Recruitment practitioners that I speak to, regardless of job level are apprehensive to learn about new HR technology platforms. They cite the reason for not being interested is because they are currently not in the market to buy and/or they already have everything they need. So let me get this straight… people would rather wait until they need something NOW before they start figuring out which technology is best for them, or they openly accept the status quo. Hmmm… this does NOT sound at all like an industry that claims it should have that seat at the table.

The world of technology is constantly changing, as is the market for global talent. We cannot afford to sit back and accept the status quo. We owe it to the organizations we work for to continuously educate ourselves on new technology, ideas and strategies. There are too many solutions and options out there, and technology changes all the time. You need to give yourself as much lead-time as possible so when you do have a definite need you’re fully educated. You want that seat at the table? Get off your behind and act like it. Keep pushing boundaries, knock down walls, solve difficult business problems, find the better way and keep an open mind. If you don’t, someone else will and THEY will beat you out for top talent.