YES… the HR/Recruitment Community IS Adopting Tech!

At the inaugural SocialHRCamp in Vancouver on May 16, 2012 (ancient history it seems) we had a grand total of 0 speakers who were practicing HR or Recruitment in their organizations. This was not a bad thing at all because at the time it was quite difficult to identify organizations who were doing interesting and creative things in HR from a social media and/or technology perspective. No, using an Applicant Tracking System does not constitute interesting or creative. Sorry… nice try!

Kathleen Teixeira #SHRC14A key component of the overall Camp vision was to increase the number of practitioner-led sessions each year. 8 Camps later as we head down the homestretch to the 3rd annual SocialHRCamp Toronto on November 13, 2014 we will have HR/Recruitment Practitioner involvement in at least 6 sessions, potentially 7. In just 2 short years I view this as a raving success. For those that know anything about HR I think you would agree with me on this one!!  🙂

Some may view this statistic as somewhat meaningless but I beg to differ. Here are the topics that practitioners will be involved in:

Employer Branding is the New Black.

Leveraging Workplace Analytics to Drive HR Strategy

Secrets LinkedIn Doesn’t Want You to Know to Improve Your Hiring Process

Surviving Life Using Biz Practices & Technologies of Today

The ROI in Using Video in Recruiting

Wearable Technology to Promote Workplace Culture

These topics cover a wide array of HR functions from recruiting to work/life integration to workplace culture. While this may be a small sample of the larger HR Community in the Greater Toronto Area it DOES demonstrate that organizations of all sizes are really starting to adopt technology within HR.

SocialHRCamp Toronto #SHRC14

What I am most excited about is not seeing how they are doing this but what the realized business outcomes have been from their efforts. This is what is most important in all of this—sure technology is cool but using it needs to be measurable. Measures that connect with the business, not just operational and administrative measures.

Join us on November 13, 2014 at the Achievers Canadian Headquarters in Liberty Village if you’re remotely curious about how YOU can create the kind of business value that your competitors are creating. There are a few seats left so click on the button below and reserve it NOW!

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