What Does Yoga, Ironman, Lululemon, Hootsuite & #SingItFwd Have in Common?

Christmas is just around the corner, and as those that celebrate get into the festive spirit with their loved ones we want to make sure we share as much goodness as possible to the broader HR Community. SocialHRCamp Vancouver 2015 at Hootsuite is gearing up to be another fantastic event – high interest from the Community, unbelievably talented speakers and new industry partners.

To date we have announced 2 waves of speakers, and today marks the 3rd. This one is a little special because for the first time in our history a Camp session will be led by a brother/sister tandem — Steph and Matt Corker. They’re both rockstars in their own unique ways, and both play prominent roles within the Vancouver marketplace. Further, Steph just so happens to be the #1 ranked woman in the world, in her age category for the Ironman competition. Yes… you read that correctly — click here and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Talk about perseverance, dedication, commitment and strength… think about this for 1 second. The Ironman race is touted as one of the most difficult one-day sporting events in the world, which consists of a 2.4 mile (3.86 km) swim, 112 mile (180.25 km) bicycle ride and a 26.2 mile (42.2 km) marathon, raced in this order without a break.

Steph Corker Ironman

Matt Corker is a registered yoga instructor, published author of Getting Over the Rainbow, world traveler, owner of 2 business degrees, one of which is from the Sauder School of Business (intended plug as Camp Founder Jeff Waldman went to school there) and ambassador of a really neat company called Float House. Float House helps people enhance their overall living experience through a float tank (a.k.a. isolation tank or sensory deprivation tank). Have a look at the video below that introduces the concept. For those that have ever experienced floating in the Dead Sea, Israel where the concentration of salt is extremely high causing your body to effortlessly float, it is like minus every possible distraction that could take place at the Dead Sea.

Last but not least is Ambrosia Humphrey, the VP Talent for Vancouver-based Hootsuite, one of the most powerful and attractive brands globally. Ambrosia has been with the company since it was a tech start-up and has led the way in building a world-class culture and employer brand. Outside of her work at Hootsuite Ambrosia co-founded #singitfwd in 2011 with David Vertesi of Hey Ocean. #Singitfwd brings together talent from Vancouver’s independent music community to raise funds and awareness for the importance of youth music education while providing children with exposure to role models in the industry. Proceeds from #singitfwd events go towards supporting the Saint James Music Academy and its programs for children of low income families living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

SocialHRCamp Vancouver 2015 #SHRC15

Registrations continue to go strong, and as we near our 100 attendee cap it becomes more important for you to reserve your spot sooner than later. Tickets are only $99, of which $60 gets donated to the Free The Children Project to support development of a school in the Amazon Region of Ecuador. Click on the register button below.

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