Upcoming Vancouver Camp Brings a Start-Up Tech Flavour…

You likely know by now SocialHRCamp values diversity and community. Each Camp is different, and each aims to bring together the local HR Community to learn, experience and network. Each facet of each Camp fully represents this — agenda, speakers, volunteers, partners, venue and sponsors.

SocialHRCamp Vancouver 2015 is literally just around the corner, and timing could not be better to formally announce the Camp sponsors. When we looked at this group, not only is it VERY different than our recent Toronto Camp in November 2014, a couple of observations were made. First, they’re all connected to HR Tech. Second, they’re mostly start-ups. Third, they’re all founded in Canada. Fourth, they all solve a real problem within Human Resources. Now this is the kind of sponsorship group SocialHRCamp loves.

RiipenThe first sponsor is Riipen. Their mission? “Reduce Graduate Underemployment”. With the recent upturn in the economy we have seen a significant upward trend in hiring, which is a very good thing, notably for young professionals. Riipen taps into organizational succession planning and workforce planning efforts by connecting employers to students via work projects. We all know the traditional resume is extremely ineffective (saying this very nicely by the way) at showcasing top talent. Nothing beats real experience to do this, and Riipen, through their software enables this to happen.

Second is Jostle, which has built a fantastic cloud-based intranet software that helps organization boost their employee engagement by up to 5x that of traditional intranets and employee portals. We know how complex organizations are, and how difficult it can be to seamlessly communicate, engage and connect people within them. Jostle solves this problem flawlessly, and also provide users with an incredible user interface that can be used on device of choice — smartphone, tablet and computer. Have a look at the short video below to learn more about Jostle.


WIRLThird is WIRL, a SaaS platform that empowers employees and their organizations through continuous feedback. The tool can be seamlessly used across all hardware devices; smartphone, tablet and computer, to engage in conversations with peers, superiors and subordinates about work performance. Organizations have never been more complex than they are today, which increases the importance of feedback. Traditional models of feedback simply don’t work, however, WIRL’s platform that is based on real-time and data-driven feedback does.


Recruiting SocialFourth is social recruiting agency, Recruiting Social. If you haven’t heard of these guys you need to check them out, asap! Founded by Top Recruiter, Season 3 WINNER (just recently announced) Chad MacRae (see video below) RS is growing like wildfire — based in Vancouver with offices in Los Angeles and London, and partners in Dubai. Not only are they growing they are quickly developing into globally renowned thought-leaders in social media and recruiting technology. Their blog, “The Insights” is a fantastic resource for HR and Recruitment Professionals to learn about the latest industry trends, strategies and ideas. Chad has assembled an incredibly dynamic team of highly creative and talented individuals, and it’s an absolute privilege that they’re participating in the upcoming Camp.


Techvibes Logo RegularTechvibes has also joined the sponsorship group. Founded in 2002 Techvibes is Canada’s leading technology news site, events calendar and job board. The cool thing about Techvibes is it’s customized to your location — e.g. Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, etc… Within the Recruitment industry their Tech Fest events have become extremely popular, bringing together top software companies and tech talent where CEO’s pitch why top tech talent should work for them. This platform started in late 2013 with the inaugural event in Vancouver (see video below), and since have taken place in Vancouver again, Toronto and London (London Ontario for all our non-Canadian readers).


Hootsuite LogoLast but not least is Hootsuite. Founded in Vancouver, Hootsuite is now a global company with offices throughout the United States, London England and Singapore. They are the venue sponsor for this Camp, and we could not ask for a better spot to hold our 10th Camp. They’ll be hosting the post-Camp Happy Hour, which will provide each attendee the opportunity to experience what their Friday social events are like. Hootsuite’s VP Talent, Ambrosia Humphrey will be leading a session that will dive into how Hootsuite has successfully leveraged social media from an employer/talent perspective.

We are fortunate that each Camp has attracted different and first-time sponsors, each doing great things in their respective niches. They each align extremely well with SocialHRCamp’s core values, standards and vision, and as a group they will significantly enhance the experience of attendees.

Join us, and our sponsors on Saturday, January 31st at Hootsuite for SocialHRCamp Vancouver 2015. Be part of the HR Tech revolution and play your part in your respective organizations as strategic business thinkers.

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