T-2 Sleeps to SocialHRCamp Los Angeles 2017

It’s been a long road to get to this point but we’re ecstatic to be rolling into Southern California for our first SocialHRCamp in Los Angeles on Thursday, May 11th. It will also be our first evening event so it’ll be interesting to see how things go. Whatever the case we’re not averse to trying things out and giving things a go. The primary reason for our decision to do an evening event was because of feedback from the local L.A. HR/Recruitment Community. They told us and we listened!

We are really fortunate to have assembled an absolutely fantastic group of speakers for the event. Aside from the uber-awesome Rayanne Thorn, who has spoken at more SocialHRCamp’s than any other speaker, each speaker is a first-timer. You all know by now that we value first-time speakers as we want to give as many people an opportunity to teach and share their expertise as possible.

The Speakers

We have an amazing group of HR and Recruitment experts who are doing some fantastic things in their respective niches. In no particular order:

  1. Jodi Johnson – helps young companies entering growth mode effectively scale.
  2. Bryce Murray – helps growing companies attract and recruit top talent.
  3. Maisha Cannon – a talent sourcing guru helping companies find awesome talent.
  4. John Foster – a business designer who helps people and organizations maximize performance.
  5. Chris Kurtz – helps companies build and grow high-performing teams.
  6. Pamela Kubiak – an HR technology guru who helps companies maximize tech platforms.
  7. Jeff Waldman – SocialHRCamp founder and helps growing tech companies attract, engage and retain top talent.
  8. Rayanne Thorn – a recruiting and marketing expert who helps companies realize business success.




















We have an amazing group of sponsors for this event and we’re forever grateful for their support.


We still have some tickets available so grab yours asap! Simply click HERE. If you’re still on the fence perhaps this awesome video of what SocialHRCamp is all about may help.