T-2 Sleeps to SocialHRCamp Alberta 2017

The Canadian expansion for SocialHRCamp has finally started, and what better place than to go to the “City of Champions” (yes it’s been awhile since the Oilers last won the Stanley Cup but we think it could happen again in the very near future) where Camp Founder, Jeff Waldman, career started. SocialHRCamp Alberta 2017 will be taking place on September 28th at the Epcor Tower and will feature a phenomenal group of first-time Camp speakers and a new group of sponsors. We like first-timers for everything, particularly attendees, where they’ll have the opportunity to build their digital IQ in social media and technology.

Introducing the Speakers

We have been promoting the speakers individually through Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter but this is the first time they are mentioned as a group. It’s an interesting and truly diverse group of speakers, which is how we typically roll with SocialHRCamp.

  • Shahzia Noorally – strategic recruitment branding and culture expert with unique skiills in social media and technology.
  • Shawn Kanungo – a Tedx speaker and expert in disruptive innovation and technology adoption.
  • Danielle Strang – as an HR leader within the tech start-up community and expertise in design thinking for HR.
  • Susie Erjavec Parker – a renowned expert in social media, digital marketing and public relations within Canada.
  • Muni Boga – Founder & CEO of SocialHRCamp Alberta 2017 sponsor Kudos (based in Calgary).
  • Susan Shea – senior HR executive with unique expertise in integrating virtual reality into HR strategy.
  • Mark Kluchky – expertise in employer branding and employee experience – Head of Customer Success for Camp sponsor Squadley.
  • Louis Martyres – builds leaders’ capabilities and designs scalable recruitment solutions for Camp sponsor ATB Financial.


Each SocialHRCamp is impossible to run without the generous support of our sponsors. The sponsors for this Camp are first-time sponsors and we’re ecstatic to welcome them to the Camp family.


Tickets are still available and can be purchased by clicking here.