Ivana Lochhead

Ivana Lochhead is a Brand and Marketing Strategist with a data-driven and human-centered design approach to solving business challenges and implementing positive change. After four years at a leading brand strategy and customer insights firm working on select global brands, Ivana shifted direction and pursued her MBA where she discovered her passion for entrepreneurship, innovation, and diversity and inclusion. Ivana is a firm believer in the practice of empathy and human connection (across all groups, both dominant and minority) as critical gateways to building safe and synergetic environments for constructive change. Now as Partner at Feminuity, Ivana is exploring strategies for diversity, inclusion, and belonging efforts at a company level and as well as more broadly across the Canadian tech ecosystem. Ivana is committed to having honest and hard conversations, reframing the diversity discussion to include and empower all groups, and challenging the diversity and inclusion status quo.
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    November 21, 2017