Edwin Jansen

Edwin Jansen is passionate about fixing the problems which are leading to the very sad statistic that 80% of Canadians do not love their work. Currently, Edwin is the Head of Business Development at Fitzii, a predictive applicant tracking technology that is helping organizations dramatically improve their hiring success while saving time and money along the way. Previously, he led the innovation and corporate development efforts of the Ian Martin Group,  a certified social enterprise (B-Corp) that has become one of Canada’s most progressive recruiting companies. In this role Edwin investigated the leading innovations in recruiting in a search for the best new approaches that could address the barriers that prevent organizations from making the right hires, and people from finding meaningful work. This search led him to Fitzii, who the Ian Martin Group partnered with, and then acquired in early 2014. Edwin has spent his career in technology, marketing and new business creation, and has spoken at conferences like the global B2B Marketing Summit, Cisco Velocity, and regular talks in the Toronto area.

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    November 13, 2014