Chris Fields

Chris Fields a native Memphian who fell in love with the human resources profession while working in Columbus, OH.  He then decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in HR and Labor Relations from the Ohio State University.  It was in Ohio that his career took off and he learned a lot about employee relations, management, training and development, leadership and professionalism.

Since March of 2011, Chris has launched a successful Human Resources blog site titled™.  He has written over 250 articles on a wide range of HR topics, such as employee engagement, talent management, leadership, training and development, social media, recruitment and workplace ethics.

In addition to™, Chris is a regular contributor to, Project and  He has also written from Jessica Miller Merrell’s “blogging4jobs” website.  And if that isn’t enough he launch a resume writing campaign known as “The Resume Crusade” designed to  create customized quality resumes which help jobseekers update their credentials. Chris loves HR and is always looking for new ways to assist the profession in any way he can.

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