SocialHRCamp Toronto 2014 ‘SECRET’…

We are just 1 week away from the 3rd annual SocialHRCamp Toronto. The level of excitement, interest and curiosity is rising fast, and they should be because this Camp will likely be our best one ever, which includes more involvement from the HR/Recruitment Tech industry. This. Is. Awesome.

However, we haven’t been completely transparent with you. There is one teeny weeny thing that we have purposely kept a secret… until NOW!

So, What is This Big Hush-Hush Secret?

BNOTIONSWell, the Camp actually doesn’t end at roughly 5pm like everyone thinks it will. From 6-8pm speakers, sponsors, partners, volunteers and media will be socializing in one of the coolest office spaces in Toronto, BNOTIONS. If you haven’t heard of BNOTIONS be sure to have a look at their website (—they are one of the biggest names in the local Toronto mobile development community and offer an absolutely phenomenal workplace for their employees. Check this out— they offer their employees the following perks:

  • Daily breakfasts, healthy snacks, weekly hot lunches and on Friday’s they get their employees together in the office over beer.
  • Extended health benefits, open vacation policy, flexible working hours and annual company retreat.
  • Encourage a healthy life—daily stretches, weekly yoga, standing desks, courtyard basketball and an energy pod.
  • Simulating work environment brimming with visionary talent, and unlimited career path guidance and support.

We love workplaces like this. Just check out the décor and ambiance of their space.

Wait, There’s More…

To add even more interest to the evening, former Dragons’ Den Canada star Bruce Croxon will be attending. Many of us know Mr. Croxon as co-founder of Lavalife, one of the premiere dating sites. He currently leads Round13, a tech investment company that focuses on growth stage digital companies such as SocialHRCamp co-sponsor Sprigg.

Bruce Croxon

This event is being brought to you by a fantastic group of what we would call emerging tech companies, all with a connection to the field of Human Resources. They are:

  • PeopleInsight – game-changing workforce analytics.
  • Sprigg – simple, effective online performance reviews.
  • QUESocial – social talent acquisition.
  • Fitzii – predictive psychometrics; online candidate pre-screening and short-listing.
  • The Reach App by Big Rock Labs – mobile professional networking app that uses location-based technology.
  • Bonus Track – the thoughts, insights and musings of SocialHRCamp Toronto speaker Rayanne Thorn.
  • JobHubble – job sharing app meets financial referral incentives.









Reach App

Big Rock Labs

Bonus Track






SocialHRCamp is filled with countless conversations, new connections, new ideas and “ah ha” moments. The evening social mixer will simply continue this trend.  By the way, spots are still available so if you are interested in participating (and you should be) register today.

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