SocialHRCamp is Growing Up!

The day has finally come that we launch the brand spanking new SocialHRCamp website. It’s been a long time coming, and a labour of love to get to this point. Version 1 of the website served its minimal purpose but it was time to evolve, just as the SocialHRCamp platform has.

The goals of the new website were simple — faster, better user experience and significantly improve the look. We think we achieved all of these things, especially the speed of the site. For those that remembered the old site, it crashed often and when pages did load it would take a couple of minutes for new pages to load up. Hardly usable at all.

The vision for SocialHRCamp when it was first started were relatively simple and straight-forward. We wanted a platform that was interactive, hands-on, conversational and full of value. From a  business model perspective we wanted to embark on a brand refresh, launch of a brand new website and overhaul of the business and sponsorship model. We have achieved each and are now ready to take on phase 2 of the Camp platform.

Stay tuned for announcements coming in the very near future about Camp specifics — dates, sponsors, speakers and many other goodies that are in the works.

In the meantime, let us know how you like the new website, and if you have any specific feedback for us. Feel free to share with your respective networks using the #SHRC14 hashtag.

Below is the live Tagboard feed, which draws social media activity from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Vine and via the #SHRC14 hashtag. It’s an absolutely fantastic platform for organizations to use to showcase their corporate cultures.

#SHRC14 on Tagboard

[tagboard id="SHRC14[tagboard id="SHRC14/176216" postlimit="10" mobilelimit="5" darkmode="true"]