Let’s Keep This Thing Rocking…

The other day we shared with you what happened on Twitter during SocialHRCamp Toronto 2014. If you haven’t seen it, do not worry… you can view it below. Needless to say it was an awesome day, and we anticipate the same on January 31st at Hootsuite in Vancouver. We have some excellent sponsors on-board, great speakers and we’re well on our way to meeting our goal of 100 attendees.

WIRLBefore Christmas we announced speaker wave #3, which included Steph and Matt Corker, and Ambrosia Humphrey. Wave #4 has a little bit of a different flavour, but just as interesting and diverse. The first speaker is Greg Pantelic, Co-Founder of SocialHRCamp Toronto 2014 and Vancouver 2015 sponsor, WIRL. If you haven’t had the opportunity to connect with Greg, please do so. He also runs the HR+Tech Professionals T.O. Meetup group, which has run a handful of fantastic evening events, bringing together HR Practitioners from across the Greater Toronto Area to top-notch workplaces such as Shopify, Achievers and BNOTIONS. His tech start-up, WIRL is a cloud-based feedback tool for growing organizations, and they are on the cusp of releasing a new version of their product. Greg will also be showcasing the platform at the Camp in one of the 15-minute “HR Tech Spotlight” sessions.

The second speaker is Farah Kanji, VP HR for Toronto-based mobile development company, BNOTIONS. Not only are they growing they also offer one of the best workplaces in the city. We liked BNOTIONS so much that we did a post Toronto-Camp 2014 social event in their space. You may have remembered the post announcing this — please read here. Farah has a truly unique background and has done a ton of work supporting the local tech community — see AndroidTO, jQueryTO, and the NASA Space Apps Challenge.

Recruiting Social Logo 2The final member of speaker wave #4 is Christian De Pape of Camp sponsor, Recruiting Social. Recruiting Social is a social recruiting agency with offices in Vancouver, London and Los Angeles, and partners in Dubai. They have experienced huge growth since Chad MacRae recently founded the company, and truly represent what modern recruiting is all about. Many of you have probably had the opportunity to read the fabulous blog and other pieces of high-quality content coming from Recruiting Social’s online channels. This is all as a result of Christian’s brilliance and creativity. Check out their blog, The Insights, and their core social channels — Instagram and Facebook,  and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

SocialHRCamp Vancouver #SHRC15

Registrations continue to go strong, and as we near our 100 attendee cap it becomes more important for you to reserve your spot sooner than later. Tickets are only $99, of which $60 gets donated to the Free The Children Project to support development of a school in the Amazon Region of Ecuador. Click on the register button below.

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