L Squared, Digital Signage Company Brings a Whole New Dimension to SocialHRCamp Toronto

End-to-end Toronto-based Digital Signage company, L Squared will be joining us at SocialHRCamp Toronto as co-sponsor. L Squared offers a full technology and content platform for organizations in many different industries to reach their desired target audience. From an HR perspective this technology opens up a completely new channel of internal communications between employees. In an age of customization, flexibility and multiple options leveraging the huge growth and popularity of flat screen technology in the workplace to drive employee engagement the timing is right for L Squared. They also provides the necessary customer support to ensure success of ongoing marketing, communications and promotions efforts. For more information about L Squared have a look at the short video below.

Traditionally, SocialHRCamp sponsorship comes from the HR and Recruitment vendor space, but in true Camp spirit of pushing the envelope and stepping outside the comfort zone, having L Squared participate is openly welcomed. Their participation will provide more opportunities to Camp attendees to generate new and creative ideas to take back to their workplaces.

“HR and Digital Signage are natural bed fellows” explains Gajendra Ratnavel, CEO. “We have worked on lots of internal communications initiatives where we’ve introduced the hardware and software components to allow companies across North America offer powerful new to convey corporate message and branding”.

Not only will L Squared be presenting at the Camp they will also be showcasing their platform in action. For more information on L Squared visit them at www.lsquared.com and on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

In the meantime, should you have any questions about the Camp; topics, speakers and registration details please contact us by clicking HERE and filling out the short contact form.

L Squared