Introducing the SocialHRCamp Omaha 2015 Speakers

We’re down the homestretch to our first SocialHRCamp in Omaha, Nebraska. Registrations are rolling in, the buzz is starting to build, the agenda is getting closer and closer to its final state, and our speaker group is rounding into shape. One of the neat things about SocialHRCamp is it provides an opportunity for the HR/Recruitment community to get involved as a speaker. The majority of our speakers, regardless of location — Vancouver, Toronto, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago or Omaha do not speak more than once. Well.. unless your name is “Rayanne Thorn” this is true! On May 15th 10 out of the 12 speakers will be participating in their first-ever SocialHRCamp, let alone speaking in one.

We’re going to have a lot of fun next month, and this will be even more true with the addition of IgniteHR, which will take place in the morning.

SocialHRCamp Omaha 2015 Speakers #SHRC15


There are still spots available so be sure to get on the bandwagon and register. Tickets are only $99, of which $60 gets donated to the Free The Children Project to support development of a school in the Amazon Region of Ecuador. Click on the register button below.

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