Hootsuite Hosting SocialHRCamp Vancouver Happy Hour

SocialHRCamp Vancouver 2015 is just around the corner, and in typical fashion registrations have started really heating up, announcements become more frequent, the Camp agenda goes through more frequent updates and the activity on social media begins to start pumping. By the way, the event hashtag is #SHRC15 — feel free to check out the stream and even jump into the conversation.

Of course you know by now that this 3rd Vancouver Camp will be taking place at Hootsuite — we couldn’t ask for a better venue and partner to run a SocialHRCamp. Not only is Hootsuite a huge… repeat…. HUGE Canadian start-up Hootsuite Foosball #SHRC15 #Vancouversuccess story but they have fantastic and generous people working for them. Led by their VP Talent, Ambrosia Humphrey they have been nothing short of helpful and supportive as we get closer to the day. They have made our job of organizing a first-class event that much easier.

I think by now most people know that Hootsuite is well-known for their top-notch workplace culture, which they’ve remarkably been able to maintain regardless of their immense growth nearing 1,000 employees. Offerings such as a 24/7 onsite gym, power nap rooms, beer and wine on tap, fruit baskets, big fully stocked fridges, foosball and ping pong tables, a plethora of casual seating areas, and on and on. Not only will those involved (attending, speaking, sponsoring, volunteering) in SocialHRCamp Vancouver experience their workplace by virtue of being there, they will also have the opportunity to see a glimpse of how their traditional Friday afternoon socials operate. Hootsuite will be hosting a post-Camp Happy Hour, offering more opportunity for everyone to continue networking, socializing and connecting — and of course having a glass of wine or beer from their infamous taps, while enjoying some delicious food.

Hootsuite Workplace #SHRC15 #Vancouver

Without taking away the fact that we have an absolutely excellent event planned for Saturday, January 31st, it just got a little bit sweeter with Hootsuite hosting the post-Camp Happy Hour. We couldn’t be more appreciative of Hootsuite’s generosity, and can’t wait for January 31st to arrive.

Registrations continue to go strong, and as we near our 100 attendee cap it becomes more important for you to reserve your spot sooner than later. Tickets are only $99, of which $60 gets donated to the Free The Children Project to support development of a school in the Amazon Region of Ecuador. Click on the register button below.

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