From Vancouver to Omaha, Nebraska — It’s “Go Time”

It’s been a crazy start to the year for SocialHRCamp. This is technically our 4th year (wow time flies), and it seems things are just starting to heat up. We kicked off the year by hosting our 3rd Camp in beautiful Vancouver at Hootsuite, which absolutely rocked! Now we turn our attention to a completely different part of North America in Omaha, Nebraska. On May 15th we’ll be kicking it at the new Red Branch Media HQ, and we can’t wait.

SocialHRCamp Omaha 2015

As you know by now each of our Camps are unique, and represent the community where it’s taking place. The agenda is curated and created with the HR & Recruitment community in mind – their interests, unique characteristics of the market, hot local trends and the like. As well, the core group of sponsors at each Camp tends to have a local flavor. This Camp being no exception. We are extremely privileged to have the support of 4 organizations, of which 3 are local to the state of Nebraska.

Red Branch MediaThe first sponsor is Red Branch Media who will be hosting the Camp. Red Branch Media was formed in 2006 as a simple consultancy. Today, the award-winning firm is a full-service B2B Marketing Agency that serves clients in the U.K., Africa, China, Israel, Europe and North America. Primarily focused on the Human Resources and Global Workforce vendors, Red Branch Media handles clients of all shapes and sizes with a wide range of marketing needs. CEO Maren Hogan has led this company on its steep growth trajectory.

We at Red Branch Media support any opportunity to meet with others who share our passion for HR technology and its applications to the workforce. We have an affinity for pushing boundaries and our own comfort zones and we want to see and hear how others are doing the same. SocialHRCamp encompasses everything we are, so how could we miss the chance to support this ‘event’?”

~ Maren Hogan, CEO at Red Branch Media

VentureTechThe second sponsor is Lincoln-based VentureTech. VentureTech partners with B2B entrepreneurs to help them validate their software start-up ideas with cash pre-orders BEFORE building software. Over the past two decades, VentureTech has helped launched 65 products and software companies, many of them in the Human Resources space.

We’re supporting SocialHRCamp because we feel HR is prime for further technological disruption and we want to support the entrepreneurs and practitioners who are improving the way people find and engage with work.

~ Josh Berry, Managing Director at VentureTech

Quantum WorkplaceThe third organization is Quantum Workplace. Quantum Workplace delivers smart tools for achieving and recognizing workplace awesomeness. When work is awesome, employees are engaged, clients are loyal and business is good. Quantum Workplace serves more than 5,000 organizations annually through employee engagement surveys, exit surveys, peer-to-peer recognition, performance evaluations, goal tracking and leadership assessment. Founded in 2002, Quantum Workplace makes complex data understandable so it’s easy for leaders to take action.

Building awesome workplaces requires leaders and HR pros who are savvy, smart and motivated.  We are excited to support and participate in SocialHRcamp because it’s a great opportunity for our local HR community to come together for learning and networking to support the important work they do every day.

~ Jason Lauritsen, Director of Best Places to Work at Quantum Workplaces

ConnectUpThe final organization in the core group of sponsors is start-up ConnectUp. ConnectUp is a brilliant new tool, a social+email messaging app that allows you to bring all your contacts into one place, write one message, and send it to as many people as you choose individually via email, Facebook, LinkedIn or even text, in seconds. It’s you, to the power of all your contacts.

I enjoy coming back to SocialHRCamp to connect with practitioners and thought-leaders tackling some of the most disruptive topics that impact the way we attract, interact and build talent communities, in an intimate and stimulating setting.

~ Rob Garcia, Co-Founder & CPO of ConnectUp

The level of support that we receive at each Camp impresses us. Even more impressive is the diversity in organizations that are showing their support — local organizations, start-ups and those that align how they do business with the values of SocialHRCamp. Just to give you an idea of the level of support we have received to date, we have had over 35 organizations sponsor SocialHRCamp at least once. Incredible!

Be sure to grab your spot at the inaugural SocialHRCamp Omaha 2015. We all know that social media and technology adoption within the HR community is on the rise, yet still lags behind many other industries. If you’ve been thinking about it… stop thinking and start doing. Now’s your time. Join us on May 15th.

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