Vancouver 2016

Tas Goel
Marilene Quintana
Bob Busby
Brian Thompson
Sarah Blackmore
Adam DiPaula
Ryan Porter
Ilya Brotzky
Cassie Loewen
Caterina Sanders
Marie Samson
Angie Ng
Cam Laker
Sarah Boland
Lauren Nipp
Rocky Ozaki
Jeff Waldman SocialHRCamp
Jeff Waldman
HR Leader, HR Tech Evangelist & Entrepreneur

Finding top talent is becoming more and more difficult to do in this highly volatile global workplace. Social media is quickly becoming the go-to place to effectively source, attract and recruit talent. What are the best social platforms? This panel of expert recruiters have the answers and will give us their secrets to success.

Description: Design thinking is not a new concept in many areas of business, but in HR it is beginning to gain serious ground. In a recent Deloitte report, of the 7000 respondents, 79% felt that design thinking was an important or very important issue for them this year, with HR professionals believing that they are ready for the journey of moving from “process developer” to an “experience architect”. (Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2016). This hands-on session will introduce you to the main tenets of design thinking and allow you time to try a couple of exercises as applied to the context of social technologies and HR. Participants will walk away with some tangible insights that they should be able to apply to their workplaces immediately.

Description: It's 2016. Everything has changed - the way we use the internet, the sheer volume of job boards, the competition for attention, the design expectation of consumers and the jobs themselves. But for some reason the way we advertise jobs, approach the top of our recruitment funnel and communicate job opportunities, has remained the same since jobs began appearing online in the 90s. In this entertaining session Ryan will introduce actionable new ways to brand career opportunities, create a world-class candidate experience and bring your recruitment strategy out of the 1990s, starting today.


The Canadian Federal Government recently announced a proposal to enable Canadian rapidly growth tech organizations and multi-national corporations to more easily and effectively attract tech talent from around the globe. The proposed changes will have a huge impact on how we recruit and build our organizations. In this session, Ilya, Marilene and Bob will get to the nitty gritty on how we can leverage these positive new changes for the benefit of our organizations.

Description: Bench Accounting is a rapidly growing Vancouver-based tech company that prides itself on offering their employees an amazing employee experience. Of course they are leveraging technology to scale, but what’s unique about Bench is that they are encouraging their teams to be in touch with how they are doing physically and mentally so they can do their best work. This means truly disconnecting from work, technology and the daily grind. It’s been interesting to see the amazing results of their employees. Sarah will take the audience through their approach and how you can make it happen in your organizations.

Sarah and Lauren of Nurse Next Door will talk about the impact of video storytelling to drive recruiting. They will take the audience through the process of pre-production, production and post production, including integration with social media and how this drives employee advocacy to elevate recruitment and employer brand.

It is absolutely critical that we are always out in front of the latest trends in recruiting because recruitment strategies are ever-changing, whether it’s a new job board, mobile app or new category of technology. One thing that Cam has recognized over the past 11 years is how Recruitment & HR is typically 3 years behind marketing innovations. If you want to understand where recruitment is going in the next 2-3 years, simply look at the latest in marketing technologies and approaches that are being deployed today. In this session Cam will cover what he believes the major current (and future) trends will be in Talent Acquisition. You will leave the session with 2-3 takeaways that you can deploy tomorrow in you organization.


It’s never been easier to survey employees. There are numerous suppliers and DIY tools available to use in the market. In Adam’s experience, however, using the data generated from surveys to create positive workplace change is still a real challenge. Adam is going to focus on 3 approaches to help leaders use data to enhance employee engagement and well-being. They are segmentation, linking customer and employee engagement, and empowering employees to own their well-being. Intrigued? You should be. HR analytics is becoming a true competitive differentiator and you simply cannot avoid the conversation to be left behind.


Just as the way we work is changing so too is the way we implement change. This final session of the day will cover how change is changing and ways you can use the change process itself to support the cultural shift you seek. Go beyond communicating and engaging stakeholders! Involve, collaborate and deliver real value to them. We’ll review and discuss real examples of how this has been done (without blowing the budget) and ensure you leave with specific and achievable actions you can take on a project you care about.

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    November 26, 2016 9:00 am
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    BC Tech Association, 887 Great Northern Way, Vancouver, B.C.