Toronto 2017

Bhavya Shah
Scott Barr
Alex Desjardins
Emma Surich
Natasha Cotz
Nora Jenkins Townson
Abdurrahman Muni
Amanda Ono
Johnathan Nightingale
Hollie Gordon
Noel Webb
Bohdan Zabawskyj
Marlina Kinnersley
Ivana Lochhead
Dr. Sarah Saska
Maaz Rana
Jonathan Kreindler
Chris Buttenham
Adam Bercovici
Leann Schneider, Ph.D.
Avery Francis
Ryan Porter
Jeff Waldman SocialHRCamp
Jeff Waldman
HR Leader, HR Tech Evangelist & Entrepreneur
Rob Catalano SocialHRCamp
Rob Catalano
Chief Engagement Officer

Dr. Sarah Saska will detail her take on the current field of diversity and inclusion efforts. As of late, she feels that diversity and inclusion strategies are necessary but not sufficient and she'll make the case for how she sees belonging strategies elevating this work.

What do HR and design have in common? In this interactive session, Nora (founder of Bright+ Early, former Head of HR at Wealthsimple) will teach you how to borrow from your design department to craft those innovative, "why didn't I think of that?" HR programs. Using the principles of design thinking, you will learn step-by-step how to use research, personas, testing and iteration to build a human-centred recruitment process, onboarding program or HR service.

It's 2017. Everything has changed - the way we use the internet, the sheer volume of job boards, the competition for attention, the design expectation of consumers and the jobs themselves. But for some reason the way we advertise jobs, approach the top of our recruitment funnel and communicate job opportunities, has remained the same since jobs began appearing online in the 90s. In this entertaining session Ryan will introduce actionable new ways to brand career opportunities, create a world-class candidate experience and bring your recruitment strategy out of the 1990s, starting today.


Emotions are complex and powerful drivers of behaviour in our personal and professional lives. But how can we capture, track and ultimately improve them to better realize human potential in the workplace? This will be a highly interactive and conversational session diving deep into the challenges facing participants in their quest to be more human-centered throughout their HR activities. We’ll explore advancements in Affective Computing and AI that are helping companies to ‘Be More Human’.


Emma and Natasha have played lead roles in building the ecobee employer brand as the company grows at a rapid pace. In this session they will talk about how they built a strategy that worked for them -- the 3 “key pillars” that evolved their employer brand: candidate experience, internal opportunities, and social media and online presence. Attendees will walk away with a roadmap that ecobee successfully used, and specific strategies, tools and tips.

Creating a performance-focused culture is about having clear expectations, providing feedback, motivating, and challenging team members to excel. Traditional management with “telling and yelling” has fallen by the wayside, but has your leadership caught-up? Workshop five best practices to help facilitate a coaching culture that will accelerate top performance.


Avery has effectively scaled-up rapidly growing companies through creative sourcing techniques. She believes that the ability of a Recruiter to source in a competitive candidate landscape will make or break the growth of a scaling company. One of her go-to platforms is LinkedIn, which is no surprise. In this session Avery will introduce the audience to effective tips, tricks and strategies to win the race for top talent.


There's a lot of good happening in the world of HR tech, but we can't forget the pieces where we need to step up as leaders ourselves. Johnathan Nightingale, tech executive and best-selling author of How F*cked Up is Your Management will close us out with a session about what tech can, and cannot, do for us. FYI, there may be swearing.

Event Details
  • Start Date
    November 21, 2017 4:30 pm
  • End Date
    November 21, 2017 9:00 pm
  • Location
  • Organizer
  • Address
    Lighthouse Labs 46 Spadina Avenue, 4th floor, Toronto, ON