Calgary 2018

We’re super excited to bring SocialHRCamp to Calgary. On Thursday, September 27, 2018 we’ll be hosting the Calgary HR/Recruitment Community at the Kudos HQ. SocialHRCamp Calgary will be camp #21 overall and 6th Canadian city. This evening event will feature a blend of amazing topics, session leaders and Canadian HR/Recruitment tech companies. In general HR/Recruitment technology is a massive industry, and within Canada, it has been steadily growing during the past couple of years with more start-ups entering the market, from Vancouver to Moncton. Notable focus is on artificial intelligence and software the maximizes the employee experience. Grab your ticket today — great networking, hands-on learning and insights into the world of HR and social technology.

Chad Verity
Stephanie Hackert
Growth Manager
Alex Danzinger
Account Executive
Tom Short
Founder & President
Bryan Harrigan
VP, Sales Development
Dominika Warchol Hann
Principal, Industry Value Advisory
Muni Boga
CEO & Founder
Jeff Waldman SocialHRCamp
Jeff Waldman
HR Leader, HR Tech Evangelist & Entrepreneur

There is a lot of noise in the media around the future of work, we hear about blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the gig economy and the internet of things. These are tools that are going to change the way that we deliver work, but looking at just the tools doesn’t provide the whole picture. Join us for a discussion of the future of technological enablers, changes in how humans get work done, and -most importantly- a perspective on how organizations and individuals can prepare themselves to drive value and thrive in the future of their work.

Is employee engagement a priority for your business? Learn why employee engagement is essential for success and the 4 simple strategies and tools that you can employ efficiently and cost-effectively to move the dial on employee engagement. As we move towards engaging and interacting with human beings, we move away from merely managing human resources and processes. Work is becoming much more personal with the digital transformation in HR. Join Tom Short from Kudos as he showcases where we are today, how we got here and a few simple digital solutions and systems that can improve your employee engagement.

It's the age of the eLearning Evolution! How have recent innovations in Learning Technology led to more impactful benefits to employee development? Intuitive user experiences, social learning, gamification and engaging content combined with Big Data Analytics are increasingly accessible through the power of cloud computing. The eLearning world is full of new trends, innovative ideas and learning concepts that will keep your employees engaged with their training and development - but which options offer the best solutions to your eLearning needs? Join Bryan Harrigan from Absorb as he explores new Learning and Development trends and how they can help set your business apart and give you the competitive advantage.

Canada's workforce is as diverse as it's every been. We know that there is a positive correlation between diverse workforces and strong business performance and employee engagement. But it is getting more difficult to recruit top talent, let alone recruit a truly diverse workforce. Further, our bias plays a huge role in our abilities to recruit. In this session Stephanie will take the audience through simple and effective tips and tricks to ensure we are inclusive in our recruiting efforts, and uncover and reduce our bias. From job description writing to use of language (e.g. female versus masculine, or positive versus negative words), and tech tools, this short session will help the audience get on the right track to diverse and inclusive recruiting.

Occupational burnout and stress costs the Canadian economy $51 Billion every year. In the world that changes constantly the way in which we work is still governed by systems largely unchanged since the Industrial Revolution. How will the way in which we work change to acknowledge present and future realities? What can we do to create healthy life-giving places to work?

Machine Learning (or is it called AI?) is one of the hottest technology trends people are watching these days. Leading HCM and ERP solutions such as Workday are building Machine Learning right into the application. Why? Where is this eventually going to lead? What will this mean for HR professionals; does it mean more vacation and more pay — or is it going to fundamentally disrupt and change the profession? And by the way, what is Machine Learning anyways? Join Alex Danzinger from Workday as he highlights how Machine learning is being developed in HCM and ERP solutions which is the future for HR success.

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  • Start Date
    September 27, 2018 5:00 pm
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    September 27, 2018 9:00 pm
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    1240 20 Ave SE, Calgary AB T2G 1M8