Empowering HR—TalentWise Leads the Way

As our business climate continues to change so does the level of complexities within our organizations. From an HR perspective one of the biggest ongoing changes has been to managing legal compliance, mitigating legal risks within HR practices. HR is being tasked with solving the HR technology peopleongoing challenge of attracting, engaging and retaining top talent. Increasing emphasis on employee engagement, workplace culture, employer branding, strategic talent management and the like are critically important for HR to lead and champion. The question then becomes, “how can HR successfully help build world class organizations when they are being increasingly bogged down by mandatory compliance requirements?”

There is no simple answer to the above question that can be served up on a silver platter but organizations need to be crucially aware of their unique challenges and come up with solutions that will help, and technology is a BIG part of the answer. Mobile-friendly, easy navigation, single sign-on and fully integrated technology solutions that can help automate increasingly task-heavy administrative process that will preserve the high employee experiences that organizations’ have worked so hard to achieve.

Meet TalentWise

TalentWise focuses on automating the hiring process from start to finish with compliance built in, allowing HR to manage offer letters, screening, and onboarding activities with just a single solution. Can you imagine if a piece of software (via SaaS: “software as a service”) was able to handle every single aspect of the administrative process from candidate offer to new hire’s first day on the job? Not only would the solution help ensure consistently high candidate experiences HR could focus more time and energy on strategic work—a.k.a. Empowering HR, a TalentWise mantra.

For more information please click on the image below to access their recent whitepaper, “How to Empower Your New Hires on Day One”.

TalentWise - How to Empower Your New Hires on Day One

Key Features

Single Sign-On SaaS Solution

The top players in the game ALL have Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms, which essentially allows single sign-on online, anytime and anywhere, and using whichever device you prefer—smartphone, tablet and traditional computer. All you need is an internet connection.

Seamlessly Integrated Solutions Partners

TalentWise has a wide variety of technology solutions partners that seamlessly integrate into their software. For example, if you use iCIMS as your Applicant Tracking System then you can easily integrate the TalentWise software with iCIMS, which creates a seamless experience for everyone who touches the platforms. This value-add service creates infinite value that nobody else can match.

Candidate Experience

The platform provides a fully branded candidate portal that aligns with the experience the organization wants to provide. Not only are the administrative pieces of the process covered from top to bottom, it contributes to engagement with integrated video, social media capabilities and relevant content.

Data Accessibility

One of the core strengths of the solution is it captures, stores and secures every single component of the administrative hiring process. Each piece of data is no only stored securely it is easily accessible by the organization at any point in time. Data is great only if it’s easily accessible, saving time from searching.

Hush Hush… Sneak Peak of “TalentWise Admin”

As any great HR technology company does, is constantly developing new and better products. TalentWise is on the verge of launching a new solution called “TalentWise Admin”, which allows users and contributors to TalentWise Hire to more easily manage account settings.

  • Candidate portals configuration and design
  • Portal asset management
  • Creation and editing of task email templates
  • Hiring work flows
  • Building own forms and form packages (coming at a later time)

Following the theme of “Empowering HR” TalentWise Hire will be incredibly simple to use yet incredibly powerful with a fantastic user experience—drag and drop design. Users will be able to create branded portals without having to use the services of web designers and developers.

Check Them Out at the HR Technology Conference (#HRTechConf)

TalentWise has been stepping up their game at HR industry events and conferences. How are they? Well… you’ll have to check them out at booth #1335 and experience the TalentWise Lodge. Actually, first read “6 Reasons to Visit the TalentWise Lodge at HR Tech” and then go visit the Lodge.

HR Tech 2014 TalentWise #HRTechConf

At the end of the day TalentWise is one of the most intelligent pieces of software I have ever seen. It solves a real problem that virtually every single organization unsuccessfully deals with on a daily basis. Take the time on your own to see how the platform functions and works. Ask any one of TalentWise’ current customers about their experience with the platform and I know they will respond favorably.