Aaaaannnd We Are Back… SocialHRCamp Toronto in May 2016

It has been awhile since our last SocialHRCamp, which was on June 18, 2015 in Chicago. Not much has really changed since then from a social media and technology adoption perspective within the HR industry. Well, that’s not really true because adoption continues its upward trend, the HR technology continues to grow and we have seen a slight shift in core focus within HR. If you’re wondering what this shift is, simply go to Google and type in “HR technology trends 2016” and you’ll have all you need to know at your fingertips.

Lighthouse LabsThe 4th Toronto Camp will be taking place at the brand spanking new offices of Lighthouse Labs on Spadina and King. If you haven’t heard of Lighthouse Labs you’re likely not alone. They’ve only been around since 2013, were founded in Vancouver and are leading the way in the growing market of disruptive and alternative web development education and training. They recently entered the Toronto market and are making big-time waves.

Not only are they doing some really cool stuff, they have a really awesome group within the company that focuses on student careers. They work with each student to connect them to fulfilling employment post-graduation. They’re constantly networking and building relationships with employers who are hiring web developers, while building career search skills of their students. Nobody else really does this, and to be honest, it really does differentiate them from the competition.

IMG_6221 Cropped

As we start working with the HR community, thought-leaders and the HR technology community to build the Camp agenda we will be working with Lighthouse Labs to build the first-ever session dedicated to coding. Yes… coding. Coding is beginning to make its way into mainstream public education — why not do the same thing for HR professionals? Don’t worry… you will not walk out of Lighthouse Labs ready to start a new career as a developer. The session will be an introduction to the world of web development, which we believe will be a critical skill-set of future professionals in business.

The future in HR technology and social HR remains extremely bright, and this upcoming Camp at Lighthouse Labs in Toronto will definitely be a testament to this future. We will have a few more awesome announcements coming your way in the near future — all following our traditional disruptive nature.