100+ Individual SocialHRCamp Thought-Leaders

As we head down the homestretch to the 3rd Annual SocialHRCamp Toronto it’s only appropriate to¬†shed light on something that I am personally proud of. That is… after the Camp finishes on November 13th more than 100 people will have led at least 1 session at a SocialHRCamp. As you know one of the core objectives of the Camp is to provide broad access to the platform to HR/Recruitment Practitioners, thought-leaders, sponsors, volunteers and the media.

As I recently took a look at the 100+ people that have volunteered their time to participate in SocialHRCamp as a speaker I am nothing but humbled and appreciative of their contributions. They each spent countless hours preparing, collaborating, idealizing, conceptualizing, leading, promoting and advocating. They are the game-changers that our industry needs, and they all came through in their own unique ways. The diversity of this group is remarkable — different types of expertise, perspectives, education, work, career levels and styles.

Who are these people? To be quite frank, they are people like you and I. They each have pushed boundaries on the status quo, taken risks, are leaders, have strong opinions, continuously focus on personal+ growth and that of others, and give back. I am personally proud to have worked with each and every one of these fantastic people.

And in no particular order…

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