Vancouver is nick-named "Raincouver" and "Hollywood of the North" and is consistently one of the top 5 cities to live in the world. Greenpeace was born in Vancouver, and Vancouer is second only to Los Angeles in TV production and third in North America for Feature Film production (fancy huh?). The city gets rainfall on average of 165 days in the year. You can ski, golf, bike, sail and kayak in Vancouver – all on the same day (pretty sweet). Was host to the 2010 Winter Olympics and the Expo’86 World Fair. Is the birthplace of SocialHRCamp Organizers (Go Canucks!). It is actually illegal to kill a sasquatch in the province of British Columbia. A law requires jailers to bring convicted debtors a pint of beer on demand (Canadians really are too friendly sometimes). Home to the 1st ever SocialHRCamp, Vancouver recently ranked #9 in a list of Top 20 Global Start-up Hubs.  It is home to Hootsuite, Mobify,, Mobio and a growing number of start-ups, accelerators and incubators.


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