We are back for a 4th SocialHRCamp in the city where it all began, Vancouver... a.k.a. "Silicon Valley North". On Saturday, November 26, 2016 we will be rocking it at the BC Tech Association, and in usual Camp form it will be a fantastic and engaging day of hands-on learning, conversation, networking and inspiration. We all know Vancouver has a vibrant tech community with the likes of Hootsuite, Slack, Amazon, Unbounce, Tableau, Clio, Appnovation, and hundreds more. During the past 4+ years since SocialHRCamp was founded the most tech savvy HR/Recruitment community has been in Vancouver. This is definitely no surprise with the significant number of tech companies that reside in the region. So, what will this version of SocialHRCamp Vancouver bring? Well... we don't really know until the day arrives, and of course if you practice Human Resources in the Greater Vancouver Region, you need to reserve you ticket today. Spaces are limited.


Event Sponsors

Event Speakers

Tas Goel
Marilene Quintana
Bob Busby
Brian Thompson
Sarah Blackmore
Adam DiPaula
Ryan Porter
Ilya Brotzky
Cassie Loewen
Caterina Sanders
Marie Samson
Angie Ng
Cam Laker
Sarah Boland
Lauren Nipp
Rocky Ozaki
Jeff Waldman