Aaaaaaannnd we are back for a 4th SocialHRCamp in the biggest city in Canada... Toronto. It is no secret that the world of HR Technology and Social HR are showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, HR Tech is one of the fastest growing segments within the technology market. We are seeing technology getting better and better, adoption within the traditional HR ranks continues to increase and investment in HR technology becomes more attractive. Regardless of all of this, the fact still remains that HR is still tasked with attracting, recruiting, engaging and retaining top talent, while ensuring connectedness to organization top and bottom lines. This SocialHRCamp will be taking place at the brand-spanking-new offices of Lighthouse Labs, a Vancouver-based company who are making a huge splash across Canada. One of the cool things about Lighthouse Labs is that they started as an experiment, just like SocialHRCamp. They are laser focused on training the next generation of developers through a highly disruptive and creative learning model. Perfect for SocialHRCamp? Absolutely "yes". For the first time in SocialHRCamp history we will be running a "Coding 101" session for HR Practitioners. Intrigued? You better be. We only entertain disruptive ideas within HR Technology and Social HR. Attendees... your peers are leading the way in technology adoption. Join us on May 14th, and take that leap of faith!  

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Event Speakers

Christopher Leabeter
Ray Kanani
David Bator
Charlyne Fothergill
Dave Savory
Jeff Waldman
Rob Catalano
Salima Nathoo