Toronto is nicknamed the  T Dot, and to most Canadians, the Centre of the Universe. Toronto is the largest financial center in Canada and the fourth largest economic center in North America (after Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles). The theatre district is only second in size to New York City in North America and it regularly shows up in the top ten places to live in international surveys of places to live and work done by Fortune Magazine and Mercer International. The name Toronto comes from the Native Huron word for “meeting place” (a perfect place for people and ideas to meet!). Go Leafs Go! Just kidding, we’re all Canucks here at SHRC. It's actually illegal to whistle past 11pm in some Ontario towns. The offense: disturbing the peace. (Dwarfs working over-time, be forewarned). Toronto was recently listed as one the world’s Top 20 Global Start-up Hubs, #8, following London, UK. It’s neighboring city, Kitchener-Waterloo, with a unique and growing tech start-up scene will be featured on an upcoming documentary. What we’re saying is, it’s on the map and on the radar.


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