San Francisco

San Francisco is most know as "City by the Bay", simply SF (pronounced “es eff”) or The Yay Area. Note: never, under any circumstances, call it Frisco or San Fran or make a Rice-a-Roni reference. Did you know the Chinese Fortune Cookie originated in San Francisco? We didn’t either. Seems like the city has always had a taste for disruptive behavior. The Cable Car is the only moving National Historic Monument in the world (hold on tight!). One of the SHRC Partners is a huge Niners fan and claimed to bleed red and gold in the Seahawks season opener. Did you know that it is illegal to beat a rug clean outside your home? You may not walk an elephant down Market Street unless leashed. Don’t dare use underwear to wipe your windshield unless you want an invitation from SFPD to stay in their modest accommodations. Anyway, more importantly, we came across a great article that shares some undeniable reasons for us to bring #SHRC13 back to San Francisco to spread the Social HR gospel. First, there are always crazy and cool things going on. Second, people love novelty and new experiences. Third, you’ll turn into an early adopter even if you were not one before. Last but not least, success comes with an explorer’s attitude.


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Jeff Waldman
Ravi Mikkelsen
Chris Starenko
Ben Martinez
Petra Ligthart
Perri Blake Gorman
Jerome Ternynck
Lexie Forman-Ortiz
David Smooke
Rayanne Thorn
Rob Garcia
Jocelyn Aucoin
J. Miller-Merrell
Salima Nathoo