Los Angeles

The first SocialHRCamp city announced for 2017 will be Los Angeles, a new addition to the SocialHRCamp tour. While San Francisco (a.k.a. Silicon Valley) steals the spotlight for its globally renowned tech scene, Los Angeles and its surrounding area is quietly becoming a place where great companies live and play. Companies such as Walt Disney, SpaceX, Boingo Wireless, Tinder, Hired, DirectTV, Amgen, Mattel, Sky Zone, Outdoor Tech, Onyx Distribution, AllScreen and Live Nation. On Thursday, May 11, 2017 we will be taking over WeWork Culver City for what will be our first-ever evening Camp. Even though this Camp will be structured slightly different than a traditional one it will provide the local HR & Recruitment community with an invaluable hands-on learning experience. We're looking forward to meeting the L.A. community and to introducing new speakers and sponsors to the mix. Tickets will be limited so grab yours as soon as you can.

Event Sponsors

Event Speakers

Chris Kurtz
Bryce Murray
Pamela Kubiak
Jodi Johnson
John Foster
Maisha Cannon
Jeff Waldman
Rayanne Thorn