On Thursday, June 18, 2015 we will roll into the "Windy City" and take the HR Community by storm. This will be rather interesting because the Founder of SocialHRCamp is an avid Vancouver Canucks fan, so we will see what happens in the 2014/15 version of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Perhaps a few friendly wagers will take place. Regardless of what happens the local HR and Recruitment Community will experience their first-ever SocialHRCamp. As an industry we can no longer ignore the impact and value technology has on the work we do. Attendees will walk away from this Camp with invaluable insights, strategies and required blueprints to integrate technology into their respective HR and Recruitment practices. This will be the 4th Camp where 60% of ticket proceeds will be donated to the Free The Children project that we initiated in the late summer, 2014. For more information about the unique project please click here.


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Event Speakers

Gabe Villamizar
Alison Hasselbring
Marie Pierre Huot
Angie Verros
Amy Dillman
Julie Rischmiller
Lisa Cervenka
Jason Seiden
Josh Schwede
Jeff Waldman
Autumn Anderson
Ben Martinez