We are ecstatic to be running our first-ever SocialHRCamp in the state of Texas and connecting with the local Austin HR & Recruitment Community. There are a few locals who have either attended or spoken at a past SocialHRCamp, so we are hoping this will be an invaluable experience for the others as well. SocialHRCamp is an opportunity for practitioners to chart their own learning path through concurrent sessions. Each session will be approximately 40-45 minutes long, and topics are varied, all connecting to the "how to" of technology and social media within HR and Recruitment practices. Of course the Camp will be full of awesome learning and conversation, but there is something more important at stake. One of our industry peers, Marianthe Verver-Polykalas was recently diagnosed with a very rare, and very aggressive form of breast cancer (IBC) as well as HER2+. Only 1-5% breast cancer cases are IBC, and this treatment includes chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. We learned that this type of cancer treatment can cost between $100,000 – $300,000 US, or more depending on the specific circumstances. We also learned that Marianthe, who is self-employed, does not have medical insurance. While we are thankful that she was able to obtain some financial assistance, she will be faced with a staggering medical bill. Every single penny of profit from SocialHRCamp Austin 2017 will be given to Marianthe. If you are a practitioner in HR and/or Recruitment please do everything you possibly can to join us on June 22, 2017. Not only will you be participating in a very worthwhile cause to help someone in need, you will have the opportunity to learn and converse with some of the leading HR and Recruitment thinkers and practitioners in North America.

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Event Speakers

Justin Foster
Carrie Corbin
Autumn Manning
Jodi Johnson
Jeff Waldman